The United States has begun moving some immigrants from Canada to Texas for processing or deportation

(CNN) – The United States has begun transporting migrants crossing from Canada into the United States to Texas for processing and, as the case may be, deportation to Mexico or their country of origin under COVID-19 border restrictions, according to a national security official. .

The US Border Patrol recently recorded a record number of migrant crossings in the Northern Territory, prompting the agency to send additional authorities to the area to help.

The Swanton sector, which covers more than 25,000 square miles along the US-Canada border, is understaffed compared to sectors along the southern US border and is overwhelmed by the increase in border crossings.

Swanton sector agents are reporting high levels of illegal entries from Canada. In just over 5 months, more people have been arrested than in the past 3 fiscal years combined, Robert Garcia, the Swanton Sector Patrol Chief, said in a tweet, calling it “unprecedented.”

From October to February, agents in the Swanton Strip encountered nearly 2,000 immigrants, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection. Although agents along the southern border of the US encounter just under 5,000 immigrants in a single day, , although it was higher than in previous years.

The United States and Canada reached an agreement on a refugee treaty decades ago

The United States and Canada have reached an agreement on making changes to a decades-old asylum agreement that would restrict some immigrants from seeking protection in Canada, two Canadian officials told CNN, marking a significant change in the way Canada accepts immigrants and asylum seekers.

While the discussions have been going on for years, a sharp increase in the number of people crossing into Canada from the US, some of whom are believed to have originally crossed the US southern border, has recently added urgency to the talks.

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US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are expected to announce amendments to the agreement before Biden. Conclude your visit and travel to the United States.According to a Canadian official.

Ahead of Biden’s visit to Canada, Trudeau faced a nationwide pushback from the hundreds of immigrants who crossed Roxham Road, a remote street connecting Champlain, New York, to Hemingford, Quebec.

The so-called Safe Third Country Agreement, signed in 2002, applies to people who have transited a country where they could have applied for asylum because it is considered safe, as the name of the agreement suggests. They are valid at ports of entry, and persons entering an overland port of entry may not be eligible to file a claim and be returned to the United States.

But Roxham Road is not an official crossing, which means people transiting there can still seek protection in Canada, even if they pass through the United States. Crossings between ports of entry were not initially included in the agreement due to restrictions on sharing information, experts say, prompting Canada to try to close that loophole now that those restrictions have been eased.

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