The United States grants temporary protection status to Venezuelans on its soil


A senior US government official told reporters, on condition of anonymity, that this measure would be in effect for 18 months due to “extraordinary temporary circumstances” in Venezuela, in fulfillment of Biden’s campaign promise. “It is not safe for Venezuelans to return.” The official indicated an estimate that about 300,000 people could enjoy the procedure.

In the announcement, the Biden government stressed that this feature is exclusive to people who are already in the United States on Monday, March 8th. The senior official warned that “if someone arrives tomorrow or after any day, he will not be eligible.”

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TPS Protection is designed for countries experiencing armed conflict or environmental disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or catastrophic situations such as epidemics. This feature is currently available for Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Nicaragua, Nepal, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and Yemen.

In addition to a work permit and a guarantee that they will not be deported, TPS recipients are eligible for a travel permit.

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The fate of Venezuelans in the United States has been up for debate in Washington for years, and on the last day of his term, former Republican President Donald Trump granted them protection from deportation, called Deferred Forced Departure (DED).

During the election campaign, Biden criticized Trump for “ruthlessly” deporting Venezuelans and refusing to grant them TPS, Because the Republican government wanted to end this law, fearing that it would become a path to citizenship for many unregistered immigrants.

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Political motives

The US official denied that this measure had a political motive in facing voters in South Florida, which is an essential part of the elections in the United States, and was in the last elections in favor of Trump. “never, The constant suffering and instability suffered by the Venezuelan people “It is well documented,” the senior official said.

The Biden administration has now dismantled many of the Trump administration’s immigration policies Democrats are pushing for congressional immigration reform with support from the White House. Democrats introduced a bill to give TPS to Venezuelans in January and has been awaiting pass through the Senate.

The United States does not recognize Nicolas Maduro’s government as it considers his second term to be illegal due to irregularities in the 2018 elections and considers opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president. Venezuela suffers from a serious economic and humanitarian crisis, and is subject to serious complaints of human rights violations, a situation that has prompted 5.4 million people to flee their country, according to United Nations figures.

In February, Colombia is the main destination for Venezuelans who have fled their country, About a plan to settle about one million immigrants on its lands. Venezuelans will have 180 days to apply for this immigration benefit and the process costs $ 545, plus a background check.

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