The United States expressed its readiness to review the sanctions in the event of a resumption of dialogue


The United States has expressed its willingness to review sanctions against Venezuela if the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition resume pending negotiations in Mexico and progress is made on the results.

“The solution to the situation in Venezuela is not in Washington,” said Juan Gonzalez, director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, in a telephone interview. News agency. «We have made clear that the United States is ready to ease the pressure of sanctions based on the results at the dialogue table.”

It is noteworthy that the dialogue process between the delegations of the Maduro government and the Venezuelan opposition stopped last October. This came in retaliation for the Venezuelan government for extraditing Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who was chosen as the figurehead of Nicolas Maduro, from Cape Verde to the United States.

This country is considered Saab as one of Maduro’s allies. Also, a major witness in corruption cases against Venezuela that were broadcast in Miami and other cities in the United States.

For its part, Maduro’s government has appointed Saab as a business diplomat. However, Joe Biden’s administration believes that the Venezuelan government made several corrupt deals with him. And his extradition increased relations between the two countries tense. In response, Caracas returned to prison six American oil executives who were under house arrest, the US news agency reports.

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