The United States delays the launch of 5G

AFP reports that the roll-out of high-speed mobile broadband technology, initially scheduled for December 5, has already been postponed and was scheduled for January 5.

European aircraft manufacturers Airbus and America Boeing recently expressed your concern” Because of the possibility of 5G interference with radio altimetersInstruments used by aircraft to measure altitude.

Secretary of Transportation of the United States, Buttigieg’s houseand the head of the Federal Aviation Administration, Steve Dixon, they requested in a letter sent yesterday to AT&T and Verizon, two of the country’s largest telecom operators.

Request for official letter from companies Continue to pause the introduction of commercial C-band service, the “frequency band used for 5G,” for an additional short period of no more than two weeks after the implementation date currently scheduled for January 5.”

US officials assured the companies that the 5G service would be able to work.”As planned in January, with certain exceptions around priority airports“.

In this regard, they said that their priority was to “protect the safety of flights, while ensuring the safe coexistence of 5G deployment and flight operations.”

Last February, Verizon and AT&T received permission to begin using the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz frequency bands on December 5, after obtaining licenses worth tens of billions of dollars.

But after Airbus and Boeing’s concerns about potential interference were revealed, the launch date was pushed back to January.

The Federal Aviation Administration has requested more information about the instruments and issued directives limiting the use of altimeters in certain situations, raising airline concerns about potential costs.

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