The United States defeated the Dominican Republic 7-0, and Alexis Misimo scored two goals

Midfielder Alexis Misimo signed two of the seven goals conceded by the United States for the Dominican Republic, during the 3rd date of the Concacaf-Women’s U-20 Group E 2022. Andrea Kitahata scored the goals of the match for the local team (32′ 1T.), Alexis Misimo (34ft 40 ft 1 t), Talia DeLa Pierota (12 ft 2 t), Emily Colton (33 min 2 t), Simon Jackson (46 min 2 t) and Gabriella Mart (1 min 2 t, against). While goals have been made away from the ground before.

Andrea Kitahata’s performance was great. The United States striker shined by scoring one goal and kicking 8 times.

Alexis Misimo also did well. The US midfielder scored 2 goals and was encouraged to kick 3 times.

It was a close match with errors on both sides.

USA DT Tracey Kevins introduced a 5-3-2 tactical approach with Mia Justus in goal. Lanny Ross, Aidan McConnell, Emily Mason, Lily Reale, Summer Guidry in the defense line; Alexis Misimo, Olivia Moultrie and Simon Jackson in the middle; and Trinity Byars and Andrea Kitahata in attack.

Jose Benito Rubido’s side, for his part, came out in a 5-4-1 tactical arrangement with Paloma Peña under the three spots. Nadia Colon, Alexa Pacheco, Paula Thun, Gabriella Marti and Isabella Ventura in defence; Stephanie Espinal, Jasmine Herrera, Camila Morell and Kesla Gill in the midfield; And Soldier Matos in the offensive line.

Marianela Araya Cruz was responsible for supervising the order of play during the match.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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