The United States congratulated Santiago Peña and called on him to “fight corruption” in Paraguay

Santiago Peña, presidential candidate of the Colorado Party, with former Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes (AP)

United State On Monday he congratulated the elected president of Paraguay, Santiago PenaOn his victory last night and called on him to work together in the fight against corruption, impunity and insecurity.

We look forward to working with President-elect Benya and his government in promoting common interests such as combating corruption and impunity, and promoting security and economic growth.said the State Department’s new spokesperson, Matthew Miller.

Peña was the candidate of the Colorado Conservative Party, forming the outgoing president, Mario Abdo Benitez, led by the former Horace Cartes (2013-2018) which was Sanctioned by the United States for corruptionas the current Vice President, Hugo Velazquez.

Washington decided in 2022 that the former governor and his immediate family are “ineligible to enter the United States” due to “During his tenure, Horacio Cartes used the Paraguayan presidency to block an investigation into a transnational crime involving his accomplices.”.

In his message on Monday, Miller congratulated Peña on his victory and the people of Paraguay “on holding successful free elections” Sunday, as well as praising the work of Paraguay’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal and international observation missions.

Our shared democratic interests and values ​​will continue to underpin the historic relationship between the people of Paraguay and the United States.said the speaker.

The vote was watched closely from abroad given the potential change in Asuncion’s historic diplomatic stance regarding Taiwan, as the main opposition candidate, liberal Efrain Alegre, has promised rapprochement with China.

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Sunday evening, the US ambassador to Paraguay Mark OstfeldPeña welcomed on Twitter: “We congratulate the people of Paraguay on another participatory civic day and the elected president. We will continue to work together to enhance our excellent bilateral relations and Promote transparency and inclusive democracy“.

At the age of 44, Peña broadly beat Alegre, a candidate from a coalition of different opposition parties who failed in his third attempt to win the presidency.

With 94.74% of the tables processed and 63.11% participating, Peña and his Vice President of the Republic, Pedro Aliana, added 1.3 million votes (42.93%), according to preliminary data.

For her part, Allegri received 785,338 votes in the election (27.52%), which took place in one round.

(with information from EFE)

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