The United States confirms the exclusion of Nicaragua and Venezuela from the Summit of the Americas | After the Cuban President confirmed that he would not attend the meeting

On Thursday, the United States confirmed that it had not extended an invitation to Venezuela or Nicaragua top of the americasscheduled for June in Los AngelesAnd he was even more ambiguous about Cuba when he indicated that “so far” this country has not been invited. Summit of the Americas Coordinator, Kevin O’ReillyOn Thursday, he appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where she directed questions to the lawmaker blonde frameof Cuban descent, ratified that none of these countries were invited at the moment, although he was explicit that neither Venezuela nor Nicaragua would be invited.

ambiguous answer

“Have we invited someone from the Cuban regime to the summit?” asked Rubio. The State Department official replied that this decision belongs to the White House. Pressed by the senator on whether that meant Cuba had not yet been invited, O’Reilly insisted that this was something the White House would have to decide, which Rubio again asked if there was an invitation for the Caribbean island. “As far as I know, no,” O’Reilly said, adding that the United States had invited representatives of Cuban civil society. O’Reilly explained that the US government wants “to have broad civil society participation in every country where despots, dictators, seek to end public debate.”

Whether he was finally invited or not, President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-CanelThis Wednesday, he expressed that he would “in no way attend” the appointment. “It is well known that the United States government conceived from the outset that the Summit of the Americas would not be inclusive. The President intended to exclude several countries, including #Cuba, despite the strong regional demand for an end to the exceptions.” “We appreciate the courageous and dignified stand of countries that have raised their voices against exclusion. We share the position of the leaders of the region who have firmly claimed that everyone should be invited on an equal footing. I can assure you that I will not attend anyway“.

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Ortega and Maduro

Subsequently, Rubio asked if the United States had invited a “system” Nicolas Maduro Or any of their representatives, which the coordinator of this meeting said, “Not at all.” “We do not recognize them as a sovereign government.”O’Reilly settled. In response to a similar question about whether or not the government of the Nicaraguan President has been invited, Daniel OrtegaO’Reilly replied, “No.”

Regarding the Venezuelan opposition, the official stated this The United States recognizes Juan Guaidó “As the legitimate interim president of Venezuela” and added that they are in “continuous discussions” with the Venezuelan “transitional government” on how to participate and cooperate in the summit. In response to Rubio’s question, O’Reilly indicated that it was up to the White House to issue that invitation and that it had not yet been sent.

Critical Exceptions

mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorOn Friday, he announced that he would limit his attendance at the Summit of the Americas due to the exclusion of Nicaragua and Venezuela from the June meeting in the United States. Lopez Obrador He made his assistance conditional on the White House inviting all countries in the regionIncluding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the top.

Bolivia, Guatemala and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries supported Mexico’s positionWhile countries such as Argentina, Honduras and Chile criticized the US position, although their presidents will attend the meeting. During the hearing, Rubio inquired about Mexico’s position and O’Reilly confirmed that they were in discussions with that country’s executive and all governments in the region about “the organization and structure of the debate.” If he does not attend, Lopez Obrador will send his Secretary of State Marcelo Ebrard.

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On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Joe Biden She refers to the summit as follows: “The United States set the theme for the ninth summit Building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future With governments, civil society and the private sector in the region, as well as with the thirteen international organizations that make up the Joint Summit Working Group (GTCC) and that support the Summit process.

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On his part, the Argentine president Alberto Fernandez He gave a speech Thursday questioning the embargo and economic sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela, hours before his meeting with the former senator. Christopher Dodd, which Biden sent to the Southern Cone to promote the summit. Fernandez spoke before an audience made up of education ministers from Latin America and the Caribbean, who met at the State Department, after the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriella Cerruti, He confirmed the Argentine president’s attendance at the Los Angeles summit.

“On our continent, we have a country that has been banned for six decades and continues to survive as best it can. We should be very ashamed that this is happening on our continent. There is another country that has been outlawed for five years and has been banned in the midst of the pandemic, when solidarity was more important than any time ago , ” Fernandez said.

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