The United States bans Telegram in one of its states, and the ban on the beloved app begins

Telegram is an application that is very loved by millions of users around the world for all the advantages it offers and because it is a real alternative to WhatsApp, especially here in Spain where in many ways both are almost equal. Just yesterday, Greg Gianforte, Governor of the US state of Montana, Telegram, WeChat and Temu were accused from close association with foreign adversaries; Today, the same guideline applies to TikTok.

His first reaction was to ban its use in government agencies and in all businesses in the state. Gianforte also cited the video editor CapCut and Lemon8 as offensive apps against US interests.

with this ban Syringe placement in Chinawhere ByteDance, which is owned by Temu, Pinduoduo and WeChat, part of Tencent, is headquartered in the eastern country.

From June 1 applies

The only exception is Telegram because it is Russian, although it is currently headquartered in Dubai. Gianforte claims that this chat application is used by the Russian government to monitor users and obtain personal, confidential and sensitive information. Their claims are based on a post Made by Wired in February of this year.

according to the edgeMontana State The ban will be implemented on June 1.. The list of devices that cannot have these apps includes all mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and other devices that connect to the Internet.

The ban wouldn’t just stay with government employees, as Gianforte wants all vendors with any ties to the state of Montana to ban the use of these apps.

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We’re not really into something new in Montana. Gianforte has already banned TikTok on government devices and those connected to your network in December, but those guidelines have now been extended to other apps widely used by the population.

Telegram is an app used by millions

Moving from TikTok to WeChat, Telegram and Temu The latter is the most installed free app in the US in both the App Store and Google PlayThey are big words.

Now doubts are emerging before the state of Montana reacts and whether TikTok really provides information and personal data to the Chinese government; Mixture located in the United States and in other countries such as the United Kingdom For months even with the intention of imposing a complete ban on the social network in the country. The same thing happens with ByteDance, which is completely unknown if it transmits information to China, so we find ourselves in a moment of uncertainty before some applications are used by millions around the planet.

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