The United States and Uruguay, together we grow the future

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Focus on helping Uruguay during the pandemic

The United States has donated more than $4.3 million in equipment and medical suppliesand healthy and hospitable To stop the spread of COVID-19 in Uruguay and provide treatment to patients. Recent examples include Donation to a field hospital in Rivera County مقاطعة or announcing a donation from the United States of 500,000 Pfizer Vaccines To consolidate an already successful vaccination scheme in Uruguay.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we asked Uruguay what it needed and we continued to fulfill our commitments,” said Uruguay’s charge d’affaires, Jennifer Savage. moreover, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States chose Uruguay As one of your partners moving forward A study on the efficacy of vaccines against different variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Sowing, planting and harvesting

This is what the United States and Uruguay have been doing, through multiple diplomatic instruments, since the beginning of their relationship as two independent and neighboring countries in the same hemisphere. The United States Embassy in Uruguay has chosen this analogy as its motto and concept for a return to the Expo Prado in September, pandemic permitting, following the success of its pavilion in 2020.

To adapt to the new reality, the United States sowed seeds through virtual meetings to talk about the English language, human rightsleading businesses Peace missions, Science and Technology. The United States has worked with the Uruguayan Consulate in San Francisco to strengthen Uruguayan entrepreneurs there, along with CUTI to expand the already legendary horizons of the IT sector, and with the Chamber of Commerce, to promote US investments in Uruguay. The Interesting companies like Google and Amazon To be part of the country’s economic, commercial and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Work continued with education authorities to provide more and better opportunities for students from across the country, as evidenced by the support provided to a program English sowingor the program Opportunity FundsThis enabled Uruguay’s outstanding students to pursue their academic dreams in أحلام Prestigious Universities in the United States Totally free. Foreign Ministry colleagues shared their experiences during the course Alumni Talks, s More than 300 journalists, science journalists, students and teachers They got scholarships to take English courses in la cultural alliance Uruguay – United States.

On health, science and technology issues, the United States comes cultivating attention In Uruguay for more than two decades, he has supported programs and initiatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture such as science clubs, NASA Space App Challenge, The science campsRobotics Workshops, Exchange Programs, and Because Fulbright. The United States celebrates innovation and stakes in science and health as ways to economic prosperity in Uruguay.

In terms of the environment, we work with future generations in mind. The United States has doubled down on its commitment to combating the effects of climate change and has joined the global effort to protect the environment. Through the Globe program that He got innovative initiatives from high schools in Uruguay, Team Union Volunteers, or support NGOs such as SOS Rescate Fauna Marina and oceans.

These are just examples of how the United States and Uruguay are shaping the future through diplomacy, developing a diverse and deep agenda of programs and initiatives in Uruguay.

The Embassy is using this day of reflection to send a kind greeting and a heartfelt thank you to all Uruguayans for their hospitality and friendship. Let’s keep growing together! Happy Independence Day!

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More information about the work of the US Embassy in Uruguayر Here.

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