The United States and the United Kingdom are facing a labor shortage

The pandemic has changed many people’s perception of work and for this and other reasons, the United States and the United Kingdom are facing a shortage of collaborators.

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Contrary to what might be expected once the pandemic begins to beat, companies in the US and UK are having difficulties filling vacancies.

This happens in all types of businesses, from the sale of household appliances and the tourism sector to banks. Never in my 30 years in this business have I seen anything like itSays Carl Gidon, owner of a hardware and computer store in Alexandria, Virginia, US.

However, the situation is more dire in sectors such as transportation, entertainment and other jobs. who pay or pay the minimum wage, because employers raised the wage offer and even offered benefits and bonuses.

In the case of the United States, the unemployment rate is 5%, which is about 8.5 million people according to figures county administration; However, this same entity reports that there are 11 million jobs available.

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In the case of the United Kingdom, which is experiencing a serious fuel crisis, it happens that despite not having gasoline – which is unusual for being one of the 7 richest countries in the world – it has food that rots in it. Fields because no people are responsible for moving them.

“Industries are significantly affected by staff shortages, and in the transport sector alone more than 100,000 people are needed,” says the latest report from the British Employment and Employment Association.

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According to analysts, this will be the result of Brexit, while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sees private employers as culpable.

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