The United States and China pledged to expand supplies of coronavirus vaccines MUNDO El Intransigente

Forum leaders Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (your father), which includes countries such as United StateAnd China And MexicoOn Friday, he pledged to tackle the region’s economic recovery by strengthening supply chains, tackling employment problems and continuing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Leaders, including the US President, Joe Bidenand its Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, agreed to expand the export and supply of vaccines with measures such as “voluntary transfer of production technology” and the removal of export barriers.

“With the coronavirus crisis far from over, we are determined to use all available macroeconomic tools to address the negative consequences of the virus and sustain economic recovery, while maintaining long-term financial sustainability,” the leaders said in their statement. 21 member states

The statement issued at the conclusion of the virtual meeting organized by New Zealand. The Pacific summit came amid rising regional trade and geopolitical tensions, particularly between China and the United States, and global efforts to tackle the pandemic and climate crisis, Reuters reported.

Addressing APEC leaders at the summit, President Biden emphasized his commitment to strengthening America’s relationship with the APEC economies “to promote fair and open trade and investment, strengthen American competitiveness, and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

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