The United Nations has detailed the long list of election irregularities committed by Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega; and Representative Rosario Murillo (Reuters / Oswaldo Rivas / Archive)

The November 7 elections in Nicaragua, in which President Daniel Ortega received 75% of the vote, according to the official results, It was surrounded by numerous irregularities and most of the opposition was prevented from participating in itThe United Nations Human Rights Office issued its decision on Tuesday.

Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations in this field, Nada Al-NashifToday, he confirmed that in those elections Nicaragua lost the opportunity to advance “towards a peaceful and democratic solution to the political, social and human rights crisis that has affected the country since 2018.”.

instead of, “The alarming deterioration of civil and political rights during the electoral process resulted in the arbitrary exclusion of many Nicaraguans from participating in the elections.He stressed that, especially those who had different opinions from those of the ruling party.

In the electoral period between May and October, the United Nations office headed by High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet documented Arbitrary detention of at least 39 politicians, human rights defenders, businessmen, journalists, peasants and student leaders, including seven potential candidates for the elections.

all of them”They were detained on the basis of legal provisions inconsistent with international human rights standardsAl-Nashif stressed that 35 of them are still being held in pretrial chipot‘, on the outskirts of Managua.

An image in which a political banner was taped with the presidential formula image of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo (EFE/Jorge Torres/File)
An image in which a political banner was taped with the presidential formula image of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo (EFE/Jorge Torres/File)

Many were held incommunicado for more than 90 days, some in prolonged solitary confinement, and were able to see family members only on isolated occasions.He regretted the High Commissioner’s “number two” at a special session of the Human Rights Council on Nicaragua.

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The conditions of detention of these detainees represent a A real danger to your physical and mental integrity, can form Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or even constitutes tortureHe stated in his speech.

The United Nations office adds to these detainees Eight activists and journalists were arrested during the election weekend and in the days that followedOnly three of them were released, while the rest were held incommunicado.

The Deputy High Commissioner stressed that all arbitrarily detained persons “He should be released immediately“, And also The legal personality of political parties and civil society organizations must be restored Who lost it in the months leading up to the elections.

In this sense, Al-Nashef noted that three political parties that lost their legal status before the elections, “left important political groups that emerged from the 2018 protests without the ability to field candidates.”

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