The United Kingdom warns of China’s military expansion

During his speech at Mansion House, London’s historic financial district, on Tuesday, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly spoke for the first time about the UK’s approach to its relationship with China under Prime Minister Rishi Sunaka. He called for a “strong and constructive” relationship with the Asian giant, while urging the country to be “more open” about the reasons behind what he called “the largest military build-up in peacetime history”.

In this sense, the bilateral relationship between Great Britain and China is going through its worst moment in decades, especially after the British government decided to restrict Chinese investment due to national security concerns, and expressed concern about the exponential growth in military and economic matters that carry with it. country forward. Added to the statements of the Prime Minister, who stated at the end of last year that the so-called “golden age” of relations under the tenure of David Cameron had come to an end.

On the other hand, in a warning about the situation and the future of Taiwan, the British chief diplomat said that Britain is open to seeking to deepen cooperation with allies in the Indo-Pacific, and also demanded that China be clear about its military intentions. He said the secrecy surrounding his plans could lead to a “tragic miscalculation”.

In this regard, he declared: “He urged China to be equally open about the doctrine and intent behind its military expansion, because transparency certainly benefits everyone, and secrecy will only increase the risk of tragic miscalculation.” While the Chinese embassy in London did not comment on this.

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