The United Kingdom officially launches the NMH . competition

The British Ministry of Defense has launched the New Medium Helicopter (NMH) programme, which seeks to purchase up to 44 new medium helicopters to replace the current Army and Strategic Command’s helicopters.

The contract is worth between £900 million and £1 billion and, in addition to the helicopters, will include the provision of training capabilities and an initial maintenance/logistics package.

One of the program’s goals is to standardize the medium helicopter fleet used by the UK Armed Forces, as it seeks to replace the Aerospatiale SA 330E Puma HC2 in service with the RAF, and the Dauphin, Bell 212 and Bell 412 in British Army service, with a single platform.

The lead candidates for the NMH program are Leonardo, with its AW149 platform, Airbus Helicopters with the H175M and Sikorsky with its UH-60 Black Hawk. Also involved is AceHawk, an English company seeking to lure a pocket-friendly offer, offering used Black Hawks, upgraded with an updated cockpit and optimized for customer requirements. Bell Helicopters will also be a contender, offering a military version of the Bell 525 Relentless.

Bell 525 relentless

NMH برنامج Program Requirements

According to the tender notice of the contract, the requirements are as follows:

  • Offer must include up to 44 platforms
  • Design Organization for Government Furnished Assets (GFA) and Mission Staff (MRE) Integration Services
  • Up to 2 flight simulators
  • Training courses for qualified helicopter instructors, aircrew and ground crew maintenance personnel
  • Educational materials for permanent training of aircraft crews and maintenance personnel
  • An initial in-service support package, which will include
    • Supply of primary spare parts
    • Deployment support packages
    • Ground support equipment and specialized tools
    • Technical and Staff Publications
    • Logistics Management System (Spare Parts)
    • Advanced and deep maintenance
    • Design organization (DO) modifications and technical support.
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Helicopters should be enabled to integrate different types of special mission equipment, depending on operational need.

Airbus H175M
Airbus Helicopters proposes the H175M.

The contract term is expected to be 7 years, but will be determined according to an agreed production schedule, which will reflect the supplier’s ability to complete delivery of the aircraft and an initial phase of support.

The term of the provider’s logistic support assistance will be approximately 5 years, starting from the first delivery of the aircraft. The bid requirements also specify that training services will commence prior to the first delivery of the aircraft, to support entry into service.

Leonardo promoted her AW149 for the NMH competition

Although the competition has just officially begun, both Leonardo and Airbus have developed a vigorous campaign to promote their candidates since the middle of last year.

Companies have until June 20 at 00 to submit their initial offers to the Ministry of Defense.

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