The United Kingdom is preparing for the coronation of Carlos III

It did 900 years full of tradition and symbolism. he Orb, scepter and crown reminds us that King of England He is above man and he is also the head of the Anglican Church, therefore he is anointed with holy oil which expressly comes from Jerusalem.

The famous Scone Stone, or Stone of Destiny that was present at the coronations of all Scottish kings, has just arrived. London from Edinburgh. On top of that, the historic Coronation Chair, which was also prepared, will be placed.

a pomp and boatOr that the new king wants to adapt to the new era. That’s why The 8,000 guests who attended his mother’s coronation will now remain at 2,000. And in his eagerness to engage the people, it would be such a person to swear allegiance to the new king as the aristocrats had once sworn. So that everyone who wants to do it in unison in parks, streets or from their homes.

he Prince Guillermo It will be converted in this very work to Prince of Wales And it will be he who performs the functions of the Duke of Edinburgh, kneeling before his father. And his young son, George, will have a leading role in the ceremony.

There will be concerts, street food and solidarity parties. The new king’s goal is to make it a big weekend for the banks of the entire UK which is already on hold There are no signature invoices.

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