The United Kingdom declares a red alert for the first time due to the heat wave

United kingdom issued, for the first time, Heat wave red alert Which will start on Sunday and run through next Tuesday.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 40 degrees Celsius for the first the British authorities asked residents to take precautions, because homes in England are not prepared for this heat.

This Red Alert, the UK Met Office’s loudest heat warning, It is primarily intended for London and central England.

Authorities also warned that high temperatures could cause trains or flights to be canceled and could have “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure,” according to the Met.

In fact, The government held an emergency meeting on Thursday, Cobramade up of representatives from different departments, to assess the authorities’ response to this heat wave.

Among other things, Public health set up (NHS) to take care of the weak As children and the elderly, temperatures are expected to exceed 38 degrees and even reach 40 degrees, which is unprecedented in the UK.

The authorities have asked residents to maintain a high level of hydration, to close the curtains in the house and not to expose themselves to the midday sun.

The Meteorological Authority has warned that residents may be exposed to negative effects For health that will not be limited to the most vulnerable, but can lead to “serious or life-threatening illness”.

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