The United Kingdom, an example of political responsibility and control

In the previous sections, we have given some ideas about the presidential political model enshrined in almost all Latin American constitutions, copied from the scheme outlined by the United States Charter, and written for another community with different characteristics and cultural meaning.

The countries of Western Continental Europe, in accordance with the directives of English practice, have for the most part chosen to adhere to the scheme of the parliamentary system, which, unlike the presidential system, gives special superiority to Parliament over the executive, among other things, due to the internal division of roles, since one person ( A king, queen, or president) is the head of state, while another person (usually the prime minister) is the head of government and administration.

The Anglo-Saxon practice of constitutional monarchy led to the appointment of the Prime Minister subject to the guarantees necessary for nomination, usually with the unconditional support of his party or majority coalition in Parliament, i.e. he comes from within Parliament, a body empowered to exercise strict political control and oversight over government and administration.

The supremacy of Parliament over the government and strict party discipline make political control the important and main responsibility of Parliament, which does not happen in a presidential system, where a tripartite head of state, government and administration is centered in the person of the president, makes political control go to the background, turning legislative production into the main and almost the only point on the national conference agenda.

Specifically, the lack of strict political oversight, in a presidential system like ours, with a historical orientation towards presidentialism, causes the President of the Republic to become an official with very little or no control, which may generate harassment and expressions of abuse and irresponsibility. In terms of statements, actions and facts of the state.

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What just happened in England with the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, dragged by undeniable scandals in times of pandemic, timely debated and denounced in Parliament in his oversight activity; The recent resignation of Minister Liz Truss, responsible for his replacement, who was forced to resign because she was not able to adequately explain to Parliament the economic measures she has taken, as well as the recent appointment of Rishi Sunak, who warned that the failure of her predecessor’s actions is a clear example of the toughness and responsibility with which he acts Parliamentary system in England.

Against this background, concern arises about the weakness of political control in the presidential system and specifically in Colombia, where the irresponsibility of demonstrations and actions by key government agents are not merely anecdotal events without any responsibility, but, on the contrary, can be dangerous. Archaeology

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