The unexpected reaction of Gerard Pique’s girlfriend when approached by a journalist: “Are you the bad one in the movie?”

Clara Shea Marty had a new lookEven though it wasn’t the same as the other occasions they captured red-handed With Gerard Pique.

in this occasion, A journalist approached her while she was walking down the street with a friend And he began to ask him an endless series of questions about his relationship with the football player, as well as the time they spent together. In the Spanish press, some rated her reaction as somewhat “mockery”, because the young woman did not say a word and only drew a few smiling faces.

she was Europe Press Agency responsible for identification The video clip in which it was noticed how one of her reporters is stalking the 23-year-old girl Through several streets to be able to obtain information about the new engagement between her and the FC Barcelona defender. “How is your relationship with Gerard? Is it true that they are just over a year old? How do you deal with your mind?Because of the separation between Shakira and Pique? ‘, he heard the journalist ask.

Clara Shea Marty’s reaction to her questioning about Shakira

Clara was silent at all timesBalanced, although in some cases he showed a side smile, before covering his face or straightening his hair. Her companion took the initiative and tried to escape from the camera and even cover the reporter’s vision: The woman pleaded, “Can you leave her alone, please?”

Considering that the student of public relations did not make any comment, The caller insisted whether she wanted to clarify the situation after she was considered the accused in the separation. Between the Colombian and the Spaniards: “Clara, Don’t want to comment? Are you the villain in the movie? I don’t know if you want to clarify at least since they were together, because there is talk of infidelity … ”, he said.

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But every attempt was in vain because Clara preferred not to say anything: “Can you at least tell me if they are happy? Good, That everything is going well’,” the caller concluded, receiving no response.

The couple decided to put the cameras and rumors aside Take a trip to Paris in recent days. Although, supposedly, in the middle of negotiations over custody of his children, the football player took his girlfriend to a romantic restaurant in the French capital.

Photographers were responsible for capturing the intimate momentsThey were seen enjoying a quiet evening between affectionate hugs and kisses. Although it must be made clear that they are determined to live their relationship to the fullest and that this is not their first trip, they have also been caught in other European cities such as Stockholm and London.

This is how Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti were arrested while fleeing to Parissocial networks

It was a few days ago that the “I congratulate you” translator and the midfielder They met at Tamborero Abugados’ office to discuss the details of their separation and custody of their children But from what can be seen in the photos and information he publishes vanguardGerard Leave the meeting early Tired of not reaching any agreement.

Pictures show a I’m annoying and unsatisfiedWhile Shakira came out smiling a few hours later and took the time to greet some people who were waiting for her outside. Neither of them made any statement regarding that meeting.

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