The UK unveils its plan to be a science and technology superpower by 2030

El Nuevo Diario, London. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Michelle Donnellan, Head of Science, Innovation and Technology, on Monday unveiled their government’s plan to make the UK a “science and technology superpower” in 2030, for which €418 million will be invested.

With this money, which equates to £370m, investment in innovation will be boosted, and the “world’s best talent” will be brought into the country and the potential for new cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will be brought into the country, according to a statement released today by Downing Street, the seat of the executive.

The new plan will consist of ten new “key” points, including “identifying strategies in technology most critical to achieving UK goals”.

It also includes “demonstrating the country’s strength and ambitions” in those areas, both here and abroad, “to attract talent and investment and to enhance global influence.”

Another point deals with promoting “public and private investment in research and development to promote economic growth and improve productivity.”

“The advancement of science and innovation has been part of our DNA for decades. In an incredibly competitive world, we cannot help but stay ahead through focus, dynamism and drive,” Sunak said in the note.

For this reason, the Conservative Party leader emphasized that the country has proposed pursuing these major measures in a plan through which it can “repair” the UK’s position as “a global science and technology superpower by 2030.”

“The more we innovate, the more we can grow our economy, create the high-paying jobs of the future, protect our security, and improve lives across the country,” he stressed.

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The head of the recently created Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donnellan, stressed that these sectors are the “future” of the country.

“It holds the keys to everything from increasing productivity and wages, to transforming health care, lowering energy prices and creating jobs and economic growth in the UK, providing the financial strength to enable us to increase spending on public services.” , He said.

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