The UK says it will support the acceleration of Ukraine’s membership in NATO

British Secretary of State for the Middle East James Cleverly.

Government United kingdom Will support login acceleration Ukraine In the NATOOn Wednesday, the British Foreign Secretary said, James CleverlyAt a press conference in London.

He appeared smartly with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Dennis Schmihalduring the Second Conference on the Recovery of Ukraine (URC 2023), which is being held until Thursday with the aim of mobilizing public and private support for the reconstruction of that country.

To the press’s questions, the conservative politician noted that the British government would be ready to “do without” the fact that Ukraine had to participate in the mandatory Action Plan for Accession (MAP) to NATO, which was also not required for your access to Sweden and Finland.

MAP is a program of advice, assistance and practical support that NATO provides to countries interested in joining, which in turn are required to offer annual programs in areas such as politics, economics, defence, security and justice.

He shrewdly said that “the astounding speed of reform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which in the past 17 months has transformed into a highly developed and modern fighting force”, demonstrates that “there is a will and capacity of Ukrainians” for institutional change. On a larger scale.

He added that this profound reform of Ukrainian politics, economy and society would be “important” for the former Soviet republic to join the European Union and NATO.

Ukraine’s eventual entry into the multilateral defense organization is expected to be one of the issues under discussion at the summit to be held by its members on July 11-12 in Vilnius (Lithuania). EFE (YO)

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