The UK rules out cutting energy consumption

UK government Residents will not be asked to save energy Despite warnings from the national network operator that this winter may happen Blackouts That will affect homes and businesses.

“We are not going to tell people how to live their lives,” the climate minister emphasized. Graham Stewarton TimesRadio. Stewart argued that a public awareness campaign for this purpose WILL NOT REDUCE SUPPLY RISK.

The National Operator of Gas and Electricity national network warn of Potential planned outages of up to three hours per day If the worst-case scenario is reached, where the UK cannot import electricity from Europe and has difficulty getting enough gas imports.

“If this scenario happens – the minister added in another interview – it will be at a very critical point, so the fact that someone reduces their energy consumption for a week or even a day before that peak is reached. It won’t make a difference in security of supply“In all major scenarios we will be fine,” he added.

Prime Minister’s Government Policy Les Truss It differs from that in the European Union, where an attempt is made to reduce gas consumption by 15%, and companies and public administrations are recommended to save on heating and air conditioning.

Truss proposed increasing the country’s energy capacity with other measures: He raised his veto crackingIt has granted licenses to explore for oil and gas in its waters.

Once in Downing Street, the Prime Minister approved an aid package to reduce the electricity bill for families and businesses, which was about to soar. On Thursday, the executive announced that it is considering, with energy companies, a voluntary reward for users who consume less during peak hours.

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