The UK offers more than 1,600 scholarships for Spanish university students – the community

Spanish bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate and doctoral students will be eligible until June 30 for more than 1,600 scholarships offered by the British Council, the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

Today, Wednesday, the British Council informs that it will publish a study guide in the UK, with recommendations for studying in that country and through which you can access the list of scholarships and on the website of this organization.

With its launch, a search engine for scholarships in British institutions has also been made available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, which includes more than 3,000 scholarships and discounts, of which about 1,600 are valid for young Spaniards.

Among the options available to students in our country, there are scholarships in Cambridge and Oxford.

In addition, the guide illustrates an issue that has raised doubts after the United Kingdom left the European Union: although British students can no longer take part in the Erasmus programme, students from the European Union can continue to choose the United Kingdom as a destination under this programme, since 20 % of Erasmus scholarships are for mobility to third countries, outside the European Union.

In addition, many of these students will not need a visa, since commuting to study for less than six months is exempt from this requirement.

To implement the Erasmus program in the UK, an inter-university agreement must be reached between the issuing university and the destination university. In turn, Britons could make study transfers to other European countries through new exchange funding programs such as Turing’s or Taith’s.

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Students from the European Union do not need a visa for studies lasting less than six months, if the period of stay exceeds that period, the visa procedure has been simplified and can be done ‘online’, through the UK immigration app: ID Check (if you have a passport Digital).

UK student visas have a specificity: in the case of students who have a visa to carry out university studies, an extension of two or three years is included, allowing them to stay in Great Britain without the need for justification or additional documents, to be able to find a job and start career in this country.

Once this time has passed, a business visa will be required.

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