The UK liquidates the last opaque company of the owners of Alu Ibérica

The UK is preparing to wipe Alu Ibérica’s last opaque company of owners off the map. the Corporate home (British counterpart to the Spanish CR) gave an ultimatum to Serintrex Integral Trading Services Limited for his inactivity.

The entity highlights, “The Registrar of Companies shall notify that if the contrary is proved, the company will be canceled and dissolved within at least two months.” In view of the dissolution of the company, all rights and property granted, retained or assigned to it shall be considered Good vacancy And they will belong to the crown, ”he specifies.

The UK is closing in on the last opaque company linked to the owners of Alu Ibérica. The company was incorporated with a capital of one pound (the legal minimum in the British state) on July 28, 2021, the day the National Court changed direction. It is that at the same date the Judicial Department of Alu Iberianwhich was subject to several months of judicial intervention before opening an investigation into allegations of “fraudulent expropriation”.

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Society, without apparent activity, had to do Victor Robin Dominic (President of Grupo Industrial Riesgo and one of the four arrested during inspections carried out more than a year and a half ago) as director until mid-October 2021, when he resigned and took his place. Dora Esther Moy.

Opaque societies

Serintrex Integral Trading Services Limited It had forcibly moved its headquarters last March to the British Companies Register address in Cardiff. Until then, the company shared its registered office with Vecodrom Consulting And International capital management system.

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These two companies have a longer history and have been put under the spotlight of national audience. The first, without apparent activity, had offices in both London and Cyprus and was associated with it Diego Perez And Luis Losada (Two of the four were arrested after a round of inspections of law firms, offices and factories by the UDEF.)

The last vestige of the UK’s Industrial Risk Group

Vecodrom Consulting was founded on March 4, 2020. With a capital of one million euros and headed by Diego Peris, the company was launched at a time when Grupo Industrial Riesgo has completed the purchase of Alu Ibérica from Parter Capital. Almost half a year after closing the agreement to take over Alcoa’s old factories in A Coruña and Aviles, Luis Losada (whom the National Court refers to as the alleged “front man” of the group) becomes the CEO of this association.

The company was dissolved on August 9 last year due to lack of activity which also put the company on a tightrope. International capital management system. The latter was established in August 2018 with a capital of one million pounds. In the foreground was Alexandra Camacho Carrascal, one of the four detainees held in the framework of Amnesty International Alu Iberian case.

The Company maintains its main headquarters in the same joint business offices in which it was located serentrix And Vicodrome advisor It is under the radar national audience Because of a move that was implemented in December 2020. It was only three months after the wave of registrations before UDEF, raised 10 million pounds through the capital increase. The company, like Vecodrom Consulting and Serintrex, was subjected to an ultimatum to close, but has been put on hold. indefinitely.

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