The UK is also joining the fight against vendors and their bots

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Resell consoles and very popular products, such as cards Pokemon, drew the attention of the authorities of some countries, which is that the epidemic has greatly enhanced the purchase and sale operations on the Internet, but the hoarders have exploited the weaknesses of the platforms to use the tools that reassure them of the units what they want. Right now, the PS5 or Xbox Series X is hard to come by in some markets, with it reselling it for millions of dollars. Well, the UK can join the fight against these activities.

The resale of consoles and other products has already caught the attention of the British Parliament

According to the information received from playerA British Member of Parliament has proposed a law to ban the use of bots in online sales. Representative Douglas Chapman of Dunfermline and West Five has proposed a law a second time as part of an action strategy against distributors, who are the biggest beneficiaries this holiday season as they secure units through the use of robots and this coincides with the overall major sales season, a combination that also ensures there is someone who pays prices. Expensive to get the desired product.

Resale has become a problem for the consumer

In this regard, the Member of Parliament noted: “At this time, but last year, voters pointed out to me that sellers are using automated robots to buy products in bulk for later resale, leaving consumers with no choice but to buy them. Inflated prices, squalid condition in Any time, no matter before Christmas.”

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Although his first attempt to propose a law before the British Parliament, which took place in February of this year, did not bear fruit, Douglas Chapman is taking advantage of the holiday season and consumer complaints on the part of the abuse of resale. Similarly, the representative noted that the United States Congress is also addressing these issues, considering the proposal of a group of Democratic Party representatives, who also seek to curb the resale and use of bots.

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