The UK could become the first smoke-free country in the world.

in less than a decade, tobacco It may be a thing of the past in the UK. Which is that younger generations may not have access to tobacco, according to a government report by Dr. Javed Khan. This has put together evidence of drastic ‘smoke-free’ changes achievable in the UK by 2030. Tobacco habit It costs smokers thousands of pounds a year, and quitting can save smokers £4,000 a year.

The report, commissioned by Health and Social Welfare Minister Sajid Javid, aims to achieve a “smoke-free” society. According to Khan, these proposals are not only for this government, but also for successive leaders. In addition, Khan believes that thanks to this report “lives will be saved and money will be saved.”

What is a “smoke-free” exchange?

Although a final decision has not yet been made, one of the major changes in a “smoke-free” society is Gradually raise the legal age to buy tobaccountil it is cancelled.

Khan was responsible for the detail this report On the ways in which the government can help citizens to Quit smoking And live in a healthy way. Khan proposed 15 points under a four-part system, including “invest now,” “stop the startup,” “quit forever,” and “change the system.”

The four parts of the UK smoke-free proposal

In the first part of the No Smoking Act, it is proposed to invest 125 million pounds sterling by the British government. As for the second part, it is recommended Raising the legal age to sell tobacco every year until no one can buy tobacco in the UK. In addition, in this section it is also proposed to increase the prices of tobacco-related products and to make changes to the packaging with “more established” images. According to the newspaper, UK subwayThe latter has been suggested in order for the media to help reduce the attractiveness of smoking and “de-normalize” the act.

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In the third part, the English doctor presents vaping as an alternative to smoking. Vaping is becoming more and more popular in Britain, which is why Khan wants to provide information on the benefits of this change. Finally, in the fourth part, he points out that National Health Service (NHS) Intervene so that your patients have adequate support to quit smoking.

The ‘Smoke Free 2030’ report concluded that £2 million a year should be invested in new smoking research and awareness among the younger ones.

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