The UK Ambassador to Peru highlights the values ​​of King Carlos III and his ability to strengthen relations with Latin America

The UK Ambassador, Gavin Cook, received us in his office to discuss the significance and historical value of King Charles III’s coronation. Infobae / Paula Elizalde.

Charles III of England became forty monarch She was crowned in Westminster Abbey in a ceremony watched by millions of people around the world. The new king had waited 74 years for this moment, and he was greeted St. Edward’s Crown by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

he Son of Queen Elizabeth II You have been preparing to take on the role of the leader of your country for decades, and now you are ready to lead your nation into a bright and prosperous future. Supported by BritishHis reign is expected to be one of the most important in Ownership history His legacy lives on long after he steps down from the throne.

Peru was no stranger to festivities. UK Ambassador Gavin Cookbrought the Peruvian and British community to live together in this historic event that opens a new chapter in the world the Royal family. infobae Talk with authority and gather his first impressions.

Ambassador Gavin Cook pictured inside his office with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Infobae / Paula Elizalde.

“It was a historic and exciting day because This day is about our traditions, history, roots and identity. I have never seen a coronation in my life. The last one was seven decades ago, so we have to celebrate and commemorate,” Ambassador Ali commented The era of Carlos and Camilaexplaining that his parents were just children when she became Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Cook paid attention to some details that allow us to estimate the role that the new king will play, with an emphasis on the appreciation of others. “They used new hymns, featuring people of different faiths, and they had a gospel choir. It was important for his belief in diversity, inclusion, and religious toleranceSo is the sense of sustainability. It was a ceremony with roots in history, but with a purpose in the present.”

The British community in Peru celebrated the coronation of King Carlos III. Infobae / Paula Elizalde.

During the interview with Infobae, UK Ambassador to Peru He told us that he did not have the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II, a fact he regretted, but had had several ways with the present King, whom he described as a man in whom one might place hope in royalty.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet Charles three times while he was Prince of Wales. He is an intelligent, curious, kind, funny man with empathy and concern for others. We can look to the future with hope because their beliefs are authentic. He has the longest reign of a king in our history; And he has his mother’s legacy.”

Gavin Cook, British Ambassador to Peru during the coronation ceremonies. Infobae / Paula Elizalde.

Although many Peruvians may see this historical event as distant, even if they think that it will not make some kind of impact in the region, in reality it will take a different turn.

King Carlos is one of the most important ambassadors of the royal family Since I was only five years old. His goals are sustainability and environmental protection, he has many charities. From Peru, we want to attract your attention and investment interestas well as giving voice to some of the work we’re doing here. Shared values ​​with the people of Peru. We will advance our agenda with his support. I imagine he and his queen will want to visit Latin America to strengthen our relations.”

Learn the value of royalty and Britain’s new chapter with Ambassador Gavin Cook. Infobae / Paula Elizalde.
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Living with the residents has allowed them to realize how passionate we are about the historic land we have, as well as the role we assume to be involved in social causes. Since his arrival in Peru, Ambassador Gavin Cook She launched her work agenda to achieve positive results for citizens in all regions.

Ambassador job 24/7. We have achieved a lot in terms of trade and imports, and we have changed the visa system. We are the largest foreign investor in Peru. I would love to have the opportunity to travel and experience the regions of Peru. I love Huaraz and Iquitos. I have just returned from meeting with indigenous communities to discuss sustainability issues. We must protect our biodiversity and avoid deforestation. I am a historian and I love Machu Picchu and Huaca del Sol. Peruvians have tremendous hospitality that I didn’t know in another countryHe finished.

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