The Tucumán government confirms that someone has died of dengue

The Minister of Health said that the patient suffers from comorbidities.

county health minister, Luis Medina RuizThis afternoon, it was confirmed that a man died of dengue fever in Tucuman. The official stated that the deceased had comorbidities.

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On this occasion, health professionals recommended that the population continue to take preventive measures to avoid possible mosquito bites and subsequent infections. “The use of insect repellents for children and adults is essential, especially in the early morning and afternoon hours. Insect repellents should be the same as sunscreen. They should be used to prevent bites,” they said.

On the other hand, the funds and gardens for the cottages must be reviewed. In this way, breeding sites can be eliminated and water can be prevented from accumulating in pots, dishes, etc. If this happens, you should turn the containers over and clean them because larvae are likely present. And in the swimming pools you have to throw chlorine.

Dengue: Cases are growing and people are getting more and more anxious

Finally, weeding is very important, because mosquitoes seek cool places such as moist soil or under tall grass. It is essential to keep the lawn short, and if there is vacant land, you must go to the appropriate municipality for them to dispose of.

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