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On June 5, 1998, Truman Show It was released in theaters in the United States. This was the expected collaboration from Jim Carrey With director Peter Weir, recognized for previous projects Dead Poets Society and Gallipoli.

The tape added star talent Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, and Ed Harris In distribution, text Andrew Nicol And a distinguished technical department. Thus, it ended up becoming a act of worship Which made us wonder: Are we living on a reality show?

As we know, throughout 103 minutes, this comedy-drama presents us with the harrowing story of Truman BurbankAnd The man who has been since before birth is the most famous protagonist reality show From the world.

But, beyond special feature film plot, Some surprising events occurred during pre-production, shooting, and after the release of the film. Would you like to know some of these? facts? In the following lines, mag submit to you 10 fun facts on film Jim Carrey.

10 Fun Facts About Peter Weir’s “The Truman Show.”

1. The episode “The Twilight Zone” that inspired the movie

Truman Show Born out of a chapter in this series “Twilight Zone”. This was titled “special service” (1989) and recounted how a man discovers that, for the past five years, he has been under constant surveillance to be the protagonist of a hit TV show.

Very familiar plot, isn’t it? Well, the product Scott Rudin Bought the script to show the story on the big screen Paramount Pictures as a distributor.

The Twilight Zone was a hit in the 1980s (Image: CBS)

2. Jim Carrey improvised several scenes

Jim Carrey He is a superstar who usually shows off his creativity and takes the license to improvise on occasion. This bar was no exception. Example? scene location Truman Draw an astronaut suit on the mirror and declare that it is the planet Earth Trumania, From the Burbank galaxy.

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3. Why is the protagonist called Truman?

The name of the main character of the film responds to the English word game, derived from jargon “Sahih” (truth) and “human” (man). I mean, it was “true man” In all the lies that surrounded reality.

Truman was the “real man” in fiction (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

4. Other actors considered for the lead role

Although today we associate the movie with the character Jim CarreyYou should know that he wasn’t the only actor considered for the lead role. Previously, the team wanted Gary Oldman As the protagonist, though, they also thought Robin Williams for the role.

Actor Gary Oldman has been considered for the lead role in “The Truman Show” (Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP)

5. The Truman Ship

In the movie we can see that the ship in which Truman Decides to leave called “Santa Maria”Same name as one of the boats Christopher Columbus brought to America. Thus, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe “discovery of the new world” experienced by the protagonist was sought to emphasize.

The ship Truman is fleeing from is called the Santa Maria (Photo: Paramount Pictures)


It is strange to imagine that two protagonists of the same novel do not match in records, but it happened with Jim Carrey (Truman) and Ed Harris (Christophe). The duo of interpreters did not share a single minute of footage, as the actor who gives life to a creator reality Work started when curry He actually filmed all of his scenes.

Ed Harris as Kristoff on “The Truman Show” (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

7. “Truman Syndrome”

In 2008 the psychiatrist Joel Gold affiliate Bellevue Hospital Center He claimed that five schizophrenics believed they were living inside a reality show after watching the tape. Therefore, the specialist called the clinical picture syndrome “The Truman Show Rave” (popularly known as Truman syndrome).

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It is worth specifying that the file British Journal of Psychiatry Reported similar cases, while the screenwriter Andrew Nicol advertiser: “You know you have succeeded when you have a disease bearing your name.”

8. It is a film that has been recognized by the public and critics

Production is a great opportunity for Jim Carrey To face The first dramatic role in his career, After the success of his comedic works Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, and The Mask. Good luck with your imagination He won at the box office And received positive reviews from professionals.

In this sense, she was nominated for three Oscars (Direction, script and supporting actor thanks Ed Harris). next to, curry He took the prize Better lead performance In the golden balls

Jim Carrey won a Golden Globe for his work on “The Truman Show” (Photo: AFP).


One of the most shocking moments in the entire shoot happened when… Jim Carrey He filmed the scene in which his character overcomes his fear of the sea and escapes from his confinement. He was filming in a water tank, but his heavy clothes weighed him down and he called for the team’s help.

Unfortunately, they thought he was acting and didn’t interfere with the sequence. However, the actor was already unconscious. Realizing that he was alone in this matter, he had to take a few giant blows to save himself. did it and He now lives to tell the tale.

Jim Carrey records the potentially fatal “Truman Show” scene (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

10. Shakira and Carol G mentioned the movie in ‘TQG’

during the video clip “TQG” singers Carol G and Shakiraexit Pedro Artola Makes some references to a concept The Truman Show. This, is not just to represent what the artists have “I lived a lie” in their relations with Anuel aa And Gerrard Pique, respectively; But also to show the exposure of their personal lives in front of the public and the media.

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