The trick is to set the Champions League song as an alarm

Alarm clock with music from the Champions League. (Photo: Composition / Jose Arana)

The Alarm clocks The more classic models (those with hands and even models with jingle bells) have been completely forgotten in modern times. smart phones.

Now only a little Touch the screen to trigger an alarm in the morning, For the lucky ones, after a restorative nap. which is cell phone They are already part of the bedside table, as they used to be physical alarm clocks.

on devices Android You can find a list of default sounds for alerts, including a “classic whistling” and even a cock crowing. But certainly not many users know You can also choose a song from the catalog spotify as an alarm clock, like popular UEFA Champions League anthem. The mobile operating system from The Google It has a native option to do it in just a few steps.

One. Touch the time that appears on the main screen or Search for “clock” in list Applications. There you can see the section for android alarmswith different configuration parameters.

2. As you can see in the following screenshot, There is an item below the abbreviations for days of the week To choose the ring that will wake the user.

Android settings to set Spotify music as alarm.  (Photo: Android Chief)
Android settings to set Spotify music as alarm. (Photo: Android Chief)

3. In addition to the default functions in Android, You can choose content from Spotify. In this case you have to find UEFA Champions League Theme.

4. In this way, when the alarm sounds, the selected song will be heard.

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One detail to keep in mind: Being a Googler, Of course, the option to choose tunes from the service is also available. youtube musicAnd Company property.

YouTube Music can also be used as an alarm clock on your Android device.  (Photo:
YouTube Music can also be used as an alarm clock on your Android device. (Photo:

In addition to choosing a melody or an alarm sound, in this part of the operating system It is also possible to add amenities for Google AssistantAnd Voice assistant on Android.

For example, the user can indicate that after hearing the sound of a musical alarm, The cell phone reminds what the weather will be like in the day, as well as the traffic condition, Among other options. In any case, you can also set whether the phone vibrates when the ringtone sounds. (or any song).

How to download Spotify songs in MP3 format and listen anywhere

1. The first thing you need to do is download an app that allows you to download music from Spotify to MP3, such as Sidify Music Converter.

Spotify Music Converter.  (Photo:
Spotify Music Converter. (Photo:

2. Installing the application is very easy, you only need Run the exe file Downloaded and click on it INSTALL NOW To accept the license agreement.

3. After that, it appears that many options Customize the installation If you click on the bottom right, you can choose the folder where it will be installed and if you want to add a shortcut to the desktop.

Sidify Music Converter.  (Photo: DownloadsPcPro)
Sidify Music Converter. (Photo: DownloadsPcPro)

4. Now you have to open Spotity and Copy a song, album, or playlist track that you want to download in MP3 format.

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That’s why you have to open a file List Three dots on the song, album or playlist, tap Share And here on the inside select the option Copy the link.

Copy a Spotify song link.  (Photo:
Copy a Spotify song link. (Photo:

8. Now you have to paste the link into a file Registration field From the app you installed in the first place. You can also drag items from Spotify into the app, but with links, this can be easier. Type the link and click Enters.

Pay attention to the data: The first time you use the app, you must Go to settings to select download format and quality, Choose MP3 at 320kbps for the best MP3 quality or use other formats as desired.

Songs to choose from in an album in Sidify Music Converter.  (Photo: Softpedia)
Songs to choose from in an album in Sidify Music Converter. (Photo: Softpedia)

9. By pasting the link and pressing Enter, a window will open with the extension List of songs included in this link (if you chose an album). Here you can see them all and uncheck the ones you don’t want to download.

10. When you’re ready, tap to accept.

And that’s it. The app will start downloading songs from Spotify in audio or MP3 format which is specified. In the free version, this process may take a long time, So all you have to do is be patient.

Songs downloaded in Sidify Music Converter.  (Photo:
Songs downloaded in Sidify Music Converter. (Photo:

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