The torpedo launchers will be upgraded on British Type 23 . frigates

UK Type 23 frigates will be upgraded with new torpedo launchers and communications countermeasures system. This followed an official statement issued by the British Ministry of Defense on October 7. In this way, the program to extend the useful life of the units of the Royal Navy will be completed; Currently in progress.

In this sense, continuing what has been reported, The British Ministry of Defense and the Royal Navy awarded a contract to the local company Systems Engineering and Evaluation (is being). The amount of this amounts to 34,000,000 pounds and vice versa for the modernization of the firing systems of light torpedoes of the type 23 frigates.Seagnat’s decoy launch systems will also be upgraded; This is also for the Type 45 destroyers and Royal Navy auxiliary (RFA) fleet carriers.

However, in connection with the modernization of the torpedo firing system, it will not be applied to all Type 23 frigates; Without providing further details in this regard.

follow updates, On October 6, Babcock announced the award of a contract for the installation of the new Electronic Support Communications System (CESM) on Type 23 frigates.. For six years, the new CESM system called Ardent Wolf is expected to be installed and supported by the British Ministry of Defense. In this way, the existing Hammerhead system with which the class ships were replaced will be replaced.

The reported works and upgrades seek to maintain the Royal Navy’s current fleet of Type 23 frigates. As reported last year by the UK Ministry of Defense, The ships will continue to be in service until the end of 2020 and into the beginning of 2030.

Despite the progress in the construction of the new Type 26 (city class), these units will partially replace the Type 23. To date, shipyards are progressing in the construction of the first five units of the new class. In turn, more details are known about the future Type 31, which, along with the aforementioned Type 26, will complete the replacement of the Type 23 Duke class over the next decade.

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