The three best blockbuster movies on Netflix for January 2022 (and the secret code to find more)

Sect films can be blockbusters, misunderstood masterpieces, or flawed films; Sometimes it’s all three

Netflix is ​​the perfect place for cult movies, as it once was on DVD and VHS. It’s a space where movies that didn’t necessarily make it into theaters can find the audience they deserve.

Cult movies are the movies we watch over and over to try to figure out how attractive they are, or to understand why other people are trying to hide it, or just find out what the hell the director was thinking.

These are some of our favorite cult movies on Netflix. Our picks are based on the current UK Netflix catalog. But you can find them in other regions too and if you realize they are not in your country, you can always use one Best VPNs To make more streaming content available in your home.

If you’re a fan of cult movies, the code you need to go straight to the “worship” section on Netflix is: 7627. You can find some more at Link.


The original movie Dune was best known for starring pop star Sting in some rather weird plastic pants. But the 1984 space saga is much more exciting than that. It’s even stranger than you’d expect from a David Lynch movie, which says a lot.

This film failed at the box office and Lynch walked away from it, but Dune was a huge hit thanks to public opinion and word of mouth. The new version of 2021 is more elegant and understandable, but the original is more ambitious and exotic; It’s baffling, experimental, and at times makes one wonder what the hell David Lynch was doing in the editing room. Is Reproduction a Better Film? Sure. But if you like cult movies, the original Dune is a lot more fun.

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remake Live action or direct event It’s behind schedule (it’s been in development for nearly 20 years), but while Marvel favorite Taika Waititi struggles to make the remake, you can enjoy the amazing original anime. The 1988 movie is set in New Tokyo, a high-tech, dystopian, post-apocalyptic city where teenage biker Tetsuo suddenly develops incredible psychic powers. It’s a powerful and beautiful movie that is worth watching many times.

fight club

David Fincher’s 1999 work on violent masculinity continues to provoke concern. Just this week, the Chinese authorities ordered a new termination because they deemed the true end too dangerous to be seen. It’s an exciting and funny movie at times, with great performances from Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, and the late Met Luv. But (like Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers and Mary Harron’s Psycho) it’s also been misunderstood; He was adopted by the same people he intended to ridicule.

When you examine the plot of this cult classic, you are left wondering what the problem is, as it is about two people trying to cross America so that one of them can have Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Of course, it’s a lot more than that, because they have a number of hilarious accidents along the way and we get to see a couple of dynamic comedians that make the movie incredibly interesting.

Steve Martin shines as a tension side, while the late John Candy delivers a classic performance as the lovable but annoying Del Griffith.

Steve Martin shines as the stifling side, while the late John Candy delivers a classic as the annoying but well-meaning Dale Griffith. And as always with Candy, the emotional blow to the last act is one of the best of her life.

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