The Third Remastered wants nothing short of GTA V and announces its arrival for the PS5 and Xbox Series

It can be updated for free and will contain technical and performance improvements in the next generation.

What or what GTA V game It came out in 2013 and gives New release date on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.? Well, it goes Saints Row: The Third RemasteredThe original, which was delivered in 2011, announces its release date on the new generation of consoles. Sandbox will arrive May 25, after three days PC launch on Steam.

This is confirmed by THQ, stating that this version of the ninth generation of consoles will have more and better performance parameters which are equivalent to those of the high-configuration PC version. These officials promise Lighting Improvements, Appearance Fidelity, and Other Visual EffectsThanks to the new console hardware.

If you have the game, you can update for free to the new version from the same familyThe capacity of the different systems has been detailed, promising dynamic 4K resolution of 60 fps. On Xbox S There is an additional option to choose between two modes. Performance maintains 60fps at 1080p, Beauty Mode remains at 30fps with 4K enhanced resolution. With regard to the PS5, they confirmed Support feature activities And a “subtle purple glow” on the DualSense controller.

If you already have the game on a platform from the same family, you can Upgrade to a new version for free. On Xbox through Smart Delivery and on PS5 simply by choosing this platform version. Additionally, they ensure that there will be faster load times on both systems thanks to their SSDs. There’s only a few days left for the premiere, but while you can see nuestro análisis de Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

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