The third list of major topics for Latin Press Day

Editor: Odalys Buscarón Ochoa

Belgium/Cuba: A container loaded with solidarity aid for Cuba in Belgium

The Belgian association Copa Soprana has today filled a container with several tons of equipment and resources, mainly from the health sector, destined for the island, the fourth shipment it is preparing.

Cuba: A conference in Cuba will take place in contexts of reality in Africa

The 21st edition of the International Conference on African and Afro-American Culture, which is preparing today in this city, will take into account the changes and complexities of current contexts on the continent.

Mexico: El Cuate, friend of Fidel and owner of the yacht Granma, has passed away

Legendary Antonio Conde, known to Cubans and Mexicans as El Cuate, has died at the age of 97, family and close friends report today.

Argentina: Argentina reiterates its demand for a peaceful solution to the Malvinas Islands

Today, the Minister of External Relations, Santiago Cafiero, confirmed that, after 40 years of restoring democracy, Argentina reiterates its demand for a peaceful solution to the dispute with the United Kingdom over sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

Brazil: Lula’s government announces the return of Brazil to Onasor

Today, the Federal Government announced the return of Brazil to the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), by virtue of a decree signed by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Brazil: The Government of Brazil withdrew seven state-owned companies from privatization

The government of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has withdrawn seven state-owned companies from a privatization program initiated by defeated President Jair Bolsonaro, he confirmed today.

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Bolivia: A Bolivian television station showing a documentary on Pope Francis

The premiere today on the Abya Yala channel of the Argentine documentary Francisco, 10 Años (2023), confirms the will of this medium of communication to stimulate the development of critical thinking in Bolivia.

Haiti: Haitian government calls for unity in memory of Toussaint Louverture

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henri, today reiterated the call for unity and the consolidation of a conscience of fraternity, while honoring Toussaint Louverture’s gesture of independence.

Peru: New appeal delays extradition of former Peruvian president from the United States

Anticipation of the extradition of former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo swirled again today, when the US court accepted a new appeal from his defense prolonging a wait that had taken more than four years.

Spain: Spain is excited and cheerful during Holy Week. Good Friday is the most solemn day of Holy Week, a tradition Spain has followed for centuries, with processions and the Eucharist.

France: French Communists denounce threats to peace caused by imperial reasoning

The National Secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, today denounced the threats to peace and the sovereignty of peoples represented by the imperialist logic, at the opening of the 39th Congress of the organization.

Israel: Israel mobilizes reservists amid escalation

Today, the Chief of Staff of the Occupation Army, Major General Herzi Halevy, ordered the mobilization of reservists amid the escalation of tension after the recent attacks by the police on Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Egypt: Egypt is concerned about a crisis sparked by the Israeli attack on a mosque

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Today, Egypt expressed its deep concern about the escalation in the region that began after the Israeli police assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied area of ​​East Jerusalem, which led to the outbreak of riots and clashes.

Syria: More than 100 companies encourage the issuance of a new version of the Made in Syria exhibition

About 135 industrial companies are participating in the 143rd edition of the Made in Syria exhibition, which kicked off today in the Tishreen Sports City halls in the capital.

Science: A natural site in the Cuban province nominated for a conservation award

The Sierra de las Damas Natural Site, located in this central region of Cuba, stands out today for its biodiversity, its archaeological and historical values, and for its nomination for a National Preservation Award.

Culture: Rosario Cárdenas celebrates her 70th birthday and her life in Cuban dance

Cuban choreographer Rosario Cárdenas reaches seven decades of life today, a journey marked by dance and its ability to reformulate equations, combine technical sciences, and give sensory experiences from the stage.

Culture: Chile remembers the 134th birthday of Gabriela Mistral

On April 7, 1889, writer and teacher Gabriela Mistral, the first woman from Latin America and the Caribbean to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in the city of Vicuña, currently the Chilean region of Coquimbo.

Sports: The Tampa Bay Thrillers at the Dawn of Major League Baseball

The Tampa Bay Rays will take on the Oakland Athletics today in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, with incentives to be considered as the first-team thriller.

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Sports: Villa Clara loses golden opportunity to Cuban baseball

Today, Villa Clara missed the opportunity to remain alone at the top of the Cuban Baseball Championship, when it fell 2-13 to Ciego de Avila at the end of the second qualifying rounds.


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