The thief was severely beaten and ended up in the hospital

The event occurred on Monday, at Calle Chile 550. It had no immediate public significance. But the sensitive photos began circulating on social media as gifts, and on Thursday afternoon, LMNeuquén Access to information.

“Based on comments and testimonies from neighbours, a 24-year-old from Centenario was caught robbing the owner of a Fiat 147 parked on public roads,” said a consulting commissioned inspector.

When people from the second police department went to the scene, they found the robber lying in the street with a very bad cut on his scalp.

He interviews the car’s owner, who informs the officers that he surprised the boy inside his car, which was already running and about to take him away. He said his intention was to stop him from stealing. According to the complainant’s statements, the police said, “At that moment, the young man got out of the car, attacked his person and tried to physically assault him.”

In the fight, the thief lost his balance and fell hard to the ground, hitting his head on the asphalt, which would cause him to have severe bleeding on his scalp.

After this situation, the SIEN personnel, who were present at the scene, intervened and assisted the injured young man and arranged for his transfer to the regional hospital, where he was still hospitalized as of Thursday noon. “Today he was discharged from the hospital, and his health condition is not serious,” Silva confirmed.

Upon his discharge from the hospital, the police notified him of a case against him for attempted theft. He also told her that she could report her injuries. However, at present, the boy does not want to file any statement against the person or persons who assaulted him and has returned home.

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“The video is shocking because he bled a lot. But the injury he sustained was not serious, which is why he was discharged from the hospital again.” Commissioner Inspector Pablo Silva.

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