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The ruling party suffered a defeat in electing its electors

The governing coalition Vamos of Chile suffered a severe defeat Sunday in the massive elections for the neighboring country, including in The founding elections, in which he won 21%, were far from the total opposition left and center of 33%, and more than a surprise today, which is the 45% that all independents won., With more than 76% of the tables examined.

With these official Electoral Service Results (Cerville) of 155 traditional voters, 48 will be independent, while the opposition will get 52, the ruling party will get 38, and the indigenous population will get 17 seats That was reserved for them.

This represents a severe defeat for the candidates identified with the Sebastian Piera government, but also for all political parties because the independents are the biggest winners today.

However, the opposition received more than a third: 53 voters. But it will be divided between 27 on the left and 25 on the center left, and Noe in the old Concertacin.

These data confirm the discontent with the political class Which became evident with the outbreak of the social meeting in October 2019, the same event that forced the Beira government to hold a referendum last year that allowed the start of the process that finally ended with the drafting of a new constitution to replace the dictatorship constitution recorded by Augusto Pinochet.

The Chilean president's allies did not do well in the elections

The Chilean president’s allies did not do well in the elections

The presidential candidate for the party of President Sebastian Beira, Mario Despords, called for attention at a press conference due to the low level of participation in the elections, and acknowledged: “There is no doubt that we are witnessing a defeat, a defeat that should make us think.”

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On the opposition side, Gabriel Borek, from the broad front, told TVN that “the binomial system is over (…) We are very happy with the diversity.”

The Christian Democrats’ candidate for governor of the metropolitan area and spokesperson for the center-left coalition, Claudio Orego, said that “the right has been defeated and defeated by populism” and emphasized that “it is not enough for us to have good ideas. They lack experience and know how to implement good policies.” A letter addressed to the independents who will enter the founding conference and be the first in the minority.

Who will be her opponent in what appears to be the run-off for the governor of the capital region, left-wing candidate Karina Oliva celebrated last night with a green handkerchief in favor of legalizing abortion: “Today the people have won.”

The final number of traditional voters must wait until the end of the count in each of the 28 districts because the distribution of seats will depend not only on votes, but on the fact that the requirement of parity between women and men has also been met. wanted.

In Chile, the D’Hondt System of Candidates for Electors is used, which consists of a mathematical method of a proportional nature, which seeks to enhance representation in the delegates to be selected.

Independent candidates were the surprise of the election

Independent candidates were the surprise of the election

Although Chileans voted today to elect a new electoral personality – the conservatives – and the municipal authorities, the elections that are expected to define the country’s political future are the elections of the electorate.

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They will have the task of drafting a new constitution in a maximum of 12 months, and each list discussed must receive two-thirds approval.

If these proportions are preserved, The right and the center right will not have the right to veto the articles contained in the new constitution because they do not win a third of the traditional components.

On the other hand, left and center-left opposition would gain a veto, but not the two-thirds necessary to enforce their changes without negotiations.

Everything indicates, then, that 12 months of debate over the Constitutive Agreement will be full of tension and negotiation, a difficult process that must, in addition, be subject to the end of the so-called “exit referendum”, in which Chileans will vote again. If he approves or rejects Magna Carta at the ballot box.

If you win the “Agree” option, the new Magna Carta will be approved in Congress. If the opposite were to happen, the current text, dating from 1980, which was written during the civilian military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) will remain in effect.

Although scrutiny is still in its infancy in other elections for governors and municipal authorities, projections indicate that the ruling party in Beira will also suffer a heavy defeat, especially in the new map made up of rulers from all over the country.

The elections were marked by low turnout, which was not expected given the importance of the electoral event.

This is reflected, for example, by 20.4% of those who participated in the first day, on Saturday.

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These elections are considered historic, as they were divided into two days, with two main objectives, the first, to enhance the electoral participation of citizens, and the second, to avoid crowds due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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