The surprise he found inside a car that had not been washed in 26 years

Four wheels hide history more than it appears. The body speaks of past times, arguments and victories; of successes and failures. Of fame, recognition and renunciation. John Vlahos was a famous screenwriter from the golden age of television, won an Emmy for writing an episode of The Defender and one of the greatest advocates of the art of the 60s and 70s. The wife died at the age of 93. The property was left abandoned and Mercury Montclair 1962 Which he drove in his glory years, stored in a garage for decades.

after 26 years, Larry Kosella, who runs a YouTube channel under the name AMMO NYC, came across this historic car and suggested it. Giving him his first wash in a long time. What he found not only surprised him – and disgusts him – but also allowed him to breathe new life into a car that had been held for so long.

The scratches were hard to remove but a little bit of wax helped bring the car back to its original shine.AMMO NYC – screenshot

At first glance, the exterior manages to shock him but not completely surprise him: dust, accidental scratching, time passing on the rims, and a bit of rust. The enamel is obviously eroded, after thorough cleaning with detergent and pressurized water, Kosilla had to do it Wax the whole car again. He managed to restore the gloss characteristic of this type of coating; However, scratches are here to stay because if you want to preserve the original dye, some of the cracks cannot be removed.

This is how the cleaning of the exterior began

However, the real problem arose when The engine cover has been opened. The water that fell under the car already gave a note: the hazel was bleeding. Rodents made that car their home. Opening the front bonnet of the Mercury Montclair revealed the first clue. Some little mice’s nests and leftover meal that has passed through the entire digestive system. “It’s so disgusting,” Cucella shrieked as he watched it.

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Due to the time and surprise of it being a home for rodents, he had to call a mechanic to fix every space that could be water damaged as best he could. “There are chances, 50 and 50, that this will work again after a super wash,” the professional explained. Face operation, hands to work. Soap, water and disinfectant.

Due to years of neglect, the car needed a deep cleansing and cleaning

If this was the interior of the hood, then the seats would not be the exception. After removing each seat, carpet and floor, remove the residue Nest of mice, worms and other debris Wash them with all the pressure your pressure washer will allow, it’s time for it Cleanse the interior. To do this, use a strong acid pill that works for several days Eliminate all kinds of viruses and bacteria Then it is applied Sodium bicarbonate And more water to give the finishing touch.

Mice nests and leftover years without maintenance or cleaning
Mice nests and leftover years without maintenance or cleaningAMMO NYC – screenshot

After three days of fighting and deserting the rat paradise, Koscilla achieved his goal. The car was clean The deterioration was barely noticeable. The mechanics did not work So restoration and tuning was the next step, But in his workshop this would not have happened. Through Instagram, he contacted a couple from Washington, D.C., United States, they agreed to take the car for it $1000 donated to charity In the legendary and historical name of Vlahos and Mercuy Montclair he found a new home. According to the words of YouTubers, it is estimated that in a few months the classic will again spread on American streets.

After three days of cleaning and disinfecting, this is how the car was fully restored

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