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The HR team at Buckingham Palace understands how many people would like to work with the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Finding the perfect professional who will serve the King flawlessly can be somewhat complicated among many applicants.

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King has a staff selection team that knows how to distinguish, from among dozens of job applicants, the one with the best qualities. Their strategies for achieving this can be very creative. Sometimes the way candidates are tested is a little weird.

Tracy Waterman, University of Buckingham Recruitment Officer, revealed one of the tricks used in the documentary A Very Royal Birthday: The Secrets of SandringhamIt is broadcast on the British channel Channel Five.

Buckingham Palace is always looking for staff. (Photo: AFP)

Elizabeth II and her test

Tracy revealed one recruitment process in which the Queen was looking for a candidate to be part of the palace cleaning team. One of the tests I would like to put into practice to see if the candidate cares or not The details are putting a dead fly in the fireplace or on the rug.”It is to explain.

The first few minutes of a job interview are crucial. Many gestures and words that the candidate shows before the interlocutor will be observed through a magnifying glass, and even more so if the interviewee intends to enter Be part of the British royal family team.

“Once the fly is in place, bring the filter into the room. Of the ten candidates, only one will bend over to pick it up. This would be the most special person to be part of the cleaning team.”, exposed. In this creative way, the ideal person is selected for the cleaning position.

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