The story of the entrepreneur who created a successful luxury aprons brand in the world

It may seem like a low value per se, but Passion in abundant doses can take you to places you never imagined, dreamed, or thought less about. And when the father and husband agree – without agreeing – that the person’s secret is passion, it will not take a triple check to prove it. There is the engine Veronica Dichter.

Photo from a few decades ago: In a family of strong women, a girl plays with a phone and a computer, and every meeting with her grandmother takes place between the oven and the counter, between strong smells and kitchen aprons. picture from now: That girl is truly a woman who mixes a phone with a passion for expanding a brand with a global penetration whose signature aprons are exclusively designed.

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“What did he want? Not only do I pledge and go further, I wanted to not be someone else, I wanted to create a brand“, He says Veronica. The decision he had been chewing on for years came when his son Leon was born. The phrase “Enough of the office” came out strong, the phrase “I want to be a full-time mother” came out and the phrase “I want to create something different” did not go away. Is it possible? make it possible.

Think of Grandma Lilia’s clothes in the kitchen and remember a phrase that had been repeated in the family for as long as he remembered: “Grandma, we’ll make you famous.”. No time wasted. She sold her toy business for boys for 50,000 pesos, bought fabrics, asked a friend to help her design aprons, came up with the name of the project with her mother and was left with everything. With them Excellent apronsthey Unique End Dish Towelsthey Tablecloths original design And a wide range of other products have already opened their doors in the United States, Switzerland, Colombia and most recently Mexico.

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Today she reviews her history and is convinced that much of her success has to do with the experience she gained against her parents’ wishes. They wanted her to study and she wanted to travel. He works in the summer and travels all year. And maybe he’d please them too, having studied social media and advertising, but “what really helped me was getting a little muddy to see different cultures,” he says.

Initiative, Veronica She remembers – without nostalgia – that girl in the game mode has kept in a corner of her memory the spice that is indispensable to the success of her brand. He is not afraid of fluctuations that may appear. He knows there may be other ways, other doors. He knows that every month begins a chapter in writing. He knows – above all – that passion will always be an ally he can count on.

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