The story of a British marine who seeks to evacuate 200 animals from Kabul, but does not yet know how to avoid Taliban checkpoints

Pen Farthing and his team moving their animals (Twitter Pen Farthing)

Paul Farthing “The Pen”, known as pencil, that it former british sailor So, after performing the service in AfghanistanAnd Established an animal shelter in Kabul that houses 140 dogs and 60 cats. During the past weeks, a Active campaign to ensure both shelter workers and their animals can flee the Afghan capital to Great Britain. Finally, he succeeded.

in the last hours Your requests have been answered He lit a light of hope to achieve his goal. Ben WallaceAnd Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Great Britainthrough his account Twitter who – which Farthing already has the extraordinary requirements needed to evacuate its people from the Afghan capital.

Now that the crew pencil Farthing has received an extraordinary authorization to evacuate, which the Ministry of Defense has authorized to facilitate his handling with the rest of the qualified personnel at Kabul Airport. At this point, if you arrive with your animals, we will look for space for your planeWallace said on his Twitter account.

This news comes after the British government issued the corresponding permits for shelter staff and their families –A total of 68 people– He will enter the country but has remained silent about the condition of the animals. Now, however, this has been administratively resolved.

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With this in mind, Farthing posted on Monday A video clip on his Twitter account in it you Thanks Boris Johnson for supporting his campaign And he sends his followers to Sending messages over networks to Joe Biden to keep the air corridor open that allow people to leave the country.

The problem now lies in the real feasibility of the entry of the former sailor and his committee to the Kabul airport and take off to their country of origin. This is because the main problem for those looking to leave Afghanistan is getting to the station safely, Avoid Taliban control and their very likely enemy.

If you can make it to the runway, it has been announced Animals will travel in the hold of the plane AndAnd As soon as all the shelter members are on the planeAnd The remaining seats – about 130 – will be filled with “Afghans at risk”.

campaign farthing – which he called astronomy processHe was well received by his fans in Great Britain and animal lovers all over the world. So much so that when the chances of a successful evacuation plan seem slim, His followers organized a fundraising campaign that amounted to enough to rent a private Airbus A330 To find escorts and take them to the country.

However, this led to nothing because, as Wallace explained, It wasn’t the availability of planes that was the problem but the group’s arrival at the airport. In this way, the private plane would only “close the airport” and would be “sitting there empty” as there were thousands of people seeking to flee Kabul with a higher priority than that of the animals.

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After the corresponding administrative procedures are resolved, we can only hope that Farthing and his personnel will be able to enter the airport safely to reach their destination, as all those who have been near the airport for several days waiting to exit to save their lives.

A farthing pen and one of her rescued dogs.  (farthing pen twitter)
A farthing pen and one of her rescued dogs. (farthing pen twitter)

The situation of the rest of the British in Afghanistan:

UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic RabThis Wednesday said that Your country has evacuated 9,000 British and Afghan nationals who worked with your forces from Afghanistan And they are in danger. The Minister stated to Radio Times The British forces managed to expel these people Since August 15thWhen the Taliban took control of Kabul.

In addition, Raab considered that the Taliban would not be able to prevent qualified Afghans, such as doctors, from fleeing the country if they sought to close the border as they expected. The Taliban chief added that External OfficeThey will not be able to avoidrefugee crisis“By placing blocks in the streets or “tightly closing the Afghan border.” If the Taliban want to avoid a “brain drain,” the minister said, “they will have to find a way to attract other factions, to be more inclusive and more moderate in the face of the former Taliban.”

Raab’s comments came after leaders of the Group of Seven nations held a virtual meeting on Tuesday to address the Afghan crisis. At the end of the meeting, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that The G7 countries will demand from the Taliban “safe passage” for those who want to leave Afghanistan after August 31The date on which US forces plan to leave the country.

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(With information from EFE and local media)

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