The start-up of the Escuela de Medicina Veterinaria – Diario El Argentino de Gualeguaychú Hospital is imminent. Online edition

At that time, the Rector of Uner University, Andrés Sabella, signed with the nation the agreement by which Entre Ríos National University would receive funding to build classrooms and laboratories, which would be part of the Veterinary School Hospital.

The work, directed by UNU Financial Economic Secretary Juan Manuel Arbelo, responds to the need for spaces to develop academic and research activities, as well as professional practices. It envisages building four functional blocks that will form a first-level educational environment and will be linked to existing sectors, as the newspaper reported on October 8, 2022. Argentinian.

In the same way, Argentinian It was reported in its Sunday, February 19 edition that the project has three pavilions around a small central dry yard as a binding and recreational space for students. The fourth wing will become a small meeting room and meeting room.

The property for these purposes – located on the Gualeguaychú Educational Pole− – extends over an area of ​​9,000 square meters, of which 1,632 square meters will be covered, and 7,450 square meters will constitute landscaped outdoor spaces, essential for the development of students’ practices. labs.

About the National University Infrastructure Program

The Ministry of Public Works, in coordination with the Ministry of Education in the country, implements constructions, expansions and new spare parts for the national university system. The works are carried out in conjunction with the University’s Policies Secretariat and add funding from the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) and the National Treasury.

UNER is one of the 12 national universities that have benefited from this phase, whose total investment will be 5 billion pesos. The works to be carried out by UNER are estimated at around four hundred million pesos.

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Within the framework of these announcements and with reference to the veterinary medicine degree, which began to be taught in Guajaljuaichu in 2019, University Rector Sabella stated: “This kind of infrastructure is necessary for the development of quality academic and research activities that characterize our university. That is why we celebrate this signature that gives us the responsibility to carry out actions on immediately.”

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