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Every time the trend sets the entertainment agenda, the Cheating and cheating is the order of the day. Just as trout versions of the best-selling dolls or the most sought-after balls are made, so too cyber crime It condenses when it comes to products that are more tech-related.

In recent days, experts in the virtual field have warned about the actions of cybercriminals who are now scamming on behalf of “squid game”, Moment series. We tell you the mechanism of it Nobody bites the bait.

The famous digital security company Avast Warns that cybercriminals are taking advantage of vogue “squid game” NS Carry out online fraud. Hackers use both the name and certain themes from the hit series Netflix To install malware (malicious virus) remotely and Spy on users. From the same company, they share some tips that we will break down to protect your devices from hackers and avoid falling for virtual scams.

“Cybercriminals love trends as much as the rest of us.” pointed out Vojtech Bocek, Chief Mobile Security Engineer at Avast, one of the most popular digital security and privacy companies on the planet.

Vojtech Bocek made several recommendations to keep in mind (Twitter).

“But they are appreciated for the hook they provide to lure potential victims. Given the popularity of the ‘The Squid Game’ series, it is not surprising that scams have already emerged that misuse the series’ name and themes,” The specialist detailed one of the biggest problems they’ve noticed in recent weeks.

In this sense, Bocek made it clear in Avast Find out that cybercriminals are starting to use “The name and subject of the malicious application creation series”. In the statement they shared, the security company provided some examples of how hackers have taken advantage of the popularity of Squid game.

dangerous wallpapers

One of the cases detected was in a wallpaper app from a series netflix, that contained malicious adware (adware) that also enrolls people in a premium SMS message service on Google Play Store.

“We have also seen an Android app titled ‘Squid Game’ being used to deploy SpyMax, a tool designed to spy on users,” Boucek added.

A cybercriminal is always waiting for more victims (illustration image).

Another way that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the popularity of South Korean novels is by claiming that offer free streams, Which can contain malware and malicious ads.

So that fewer users fall victim to these scams, Bocek Common tips: Use an antivirus, download apps in official stores, carefully read app ratings before downloading, don’t read QR codes from cards in public places. Precautionary suggestions, of course, not to fall like a fish.

cyber crimes: keys to avoid the trap

who specialize in cybercrime investigations, Pedro VarelaHe is also a columnist for Regarding the world of cryptocurrency, he explained the reasons why criminals also seek to take advantage of trendy products, which are clearly rooted in the realm of virtualization.

The malicious ingenuity of cybercriminals seems to be limitless. Now that a seemingly evil South Korean series is becoming popular, it’s getting used to it Attracting victims to their criminal maneuvers. The strategies they use, while not new, surprised me with their variety, and some of them were very ingenious.

In case “squid game”, cybercriminals use a relatively easy-to-access encrypted RAT tool, known as SpyMax. Criminals encrypt it and hide it inside another app, using a technique known as “Link” (To simplify: they put a program inside another program.) They published an Android app with a theme “squid game” to attract victims.

“I advise you not to install applications from unknown sites, and they are not official”, Keep the specialist. Here the diversity of data loss is really serious. Fact: In the late 1990s, there was a case that almost caused a nuclear disaster similar to that of Chernobyl.

baiting attack

Tehran Nuclear Power Plant (Iran) subjected to a catching attack, When intelligence agents spread USB devices infected with a worm that later became known as Stuxnet near the parking lot of a nuclear power plant.

Some workers at the nuclear power plant collected these memories and connected them to the computers inside the plant, thus There was no going back.

Virus Stuxnet It is still under investigation, due to the complexity of its development and the units used, which would be impossible to develop by a group of common criminals. Let it be clear: the possibilities for bait-type attacks are endless, as well as extremely dangerous, ” The specialist ended by saying.

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