The special note signed by Steve Jobs stuck in an office microwave since 2010: What does it say?

A particular image shared on Twitter by a former Apple designer shows a file Note that it could have been written by Steve Jobs They are affixed to the microwave door in company offices with the intention of leaving a message for workers there.

Publishing by Loui Mantia Jr. In his account is the image of the printed text with the name of the founder of Apple at the end of the text. “Please remember to cover your food with a paper towel before heating it. Thank you.”, reads in the letter.

The photo was posted on Twitter. (@mantia)

After some comments from users who suggested that the note might not have been real, the designer responded by clarifying where the photo was taken.

According to Mantia, The note has been stuck on the device since 2010 No one dared to remove it. He also explained that although he worked at the company’s facilities in Cupertino, California, that photo was taken at Apple’s offices in St. Louis, Missouri.

A meme made from the image of the note in the microwave.

Regardless of whether the image is original or not, the image has even inspired a meme in which archetypal images that include inspirational quotes from well-known personalities are copied.

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