The size of the mysterious giant hole has increased in Chile and indicates the impact of mining

After a week of government Chili pepper She announced that she was investigating the causes Huge hole created Near a copper mine in the Atacama Desert, The gap is constantly growing. At first it was 32 meters in diameter and 64 meters deep, and Now its diameter has grown to 36.5 meters.

According to the latest satellite measurements, the crater that occurred in the municipality of Tierra Amarilla, a region of about 13,000 inhabitants, has increased in size in the past seven days, and the reasons for its appearance in the first place have not yet been determined. certainty.

However, one of the main hypotheses indicates the occurrence of mining activity in the areaThe sinking is located within the grounds of the Alcaparrosa de Candelaria mine, operated by Canadian Lundin Mining, in the context of a country that is the world’s leading producer of copper, responsible for more than 25% of the world’s supply.

The stream has grown from 32 meters in diameter to 36.5.

He said, “The initial information that was dealt with indicates the intervention of the mining company, which overexploited minerals in that area.” Christopher MunozDirector of a non-governmental media organization geological network of chile, delivered the BBC.

The specialist argued that the company “It had a forecast showing the extraction of 38,000 tons of ore, but it extracted about 138,000 tons, more than three times as much.” in the place. He argued that this might destabilize the soil by diverting groundwater from its natural course and emptying aquifers, creating spaces that favor the land giving way and falling under its own weight, thus giving way to land subsidence.

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Meanwhile, Compañía Candelaria maintains that this overexploitation was completely legal. “With regard to excessive extraction, the company itself has reported this matter to the authority,” said Edwin Hidalgo, director of public affairs for the company.

A mysterious giant hole has appeared in northern Chile: they are investigating its origin

What is known about the huge crater originated in northern Chile

Experts traveled to the municipality of Tierra Amarilla, 800 kilometers north of Santiago, where the huge hole appeared over the weekend, the National Mining Sub-Directorate of National Geology and Mining (Sernagomen) said in a statement.

Around the stream, the authorities set up a 100-meter security perimeter to prevent accidents. According to a statement issued by the mining company, “There was no impact on personnel, equipment or infrastructure.”

As a precaution, the company said, “Development work in the Alcaparrosa underground mine area has been temporarily suspended.”

A large hole occurred in Chile of unknown origin 20220802

David MontenegroThe director of Sernageomin, explained that the specialists and miners are seeking to “clarify the reasons and ensure that all security measures are taken to protect the lives of workers and communities close to the site.”

for this part, Christian ZunigaA few days ago, Mayor of Tierra Amarilla, explained to local media that residents had always feared accidents due to mining operations in the area. “This huge stream is something we have not seen in our society. We ask that it be possible to clarify why this event occurred, and whether the collapse was the result of mining activity or if it was of another nature.”

In this regard, the Chilean Minister of Mining said, Marcela HernandoHe said he would go “to the last consequences” to punish those responsible for the event.

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