The Sinch and Wavy team work to enhance messaging services using artificial intelligence

The Brazilian company Wavy and the Swedish Sinch are officially amalgamated into Offer campaign delivery services with an application programming interface (API)In addition to artificial intelligence (AI) that allows for conversations and personal integration services.

Currently, eight out of 10 technology companies in the US are using Sinch solutions To promote conversational marketing and make Customer experience An essential practice for communicating between clients.

We have the ability to send messages to all humans, either using WhatsApp, SMS or voice calls and we have other platforms. Our goal is to simplify life by bringing people and companies together, and improving the way they interact and communicate, ”explained Eduardo Henrique, Director of Business Development and President of Sinch Latin America, at a press conference.

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Brazilian Wavy who is now joining Sinch has recorded over 350 million people affected just through SMS And more than 110 million messages were sent in the last year in various sectors such as banking, stores, transportation, travel and other businesses.

Chatlayer AI understands 125 or more languages ​​on your system. There is a very interesting case that we did a project in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese because there are many restaurant owners in Panama from China, Henrique explained that he made a robot in several languages ​​and had a Pepsi project that started in Latin America.

Among the challenges facing the sector, he pointed out, the following stand out: Bringing more technology from the world to Latin America And raising the level of artificial intelligence technology for conversations, especially on WhatsApp, to other regions of the world.

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“Another challenge has to do with evangelizing agents, for me We are at the beginning of a “tsunami of opportunity” and our role as innovators is also to evangelize our customers And opening ideas to work on this and provide a path to develop and reinvent themselves and the epidemic opened this up, “concluded the Director of Business Development and President of Sinch for Latin America.

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