The Sims 4 adds new features: Neighbors can adopt pets or die in accidents

a few months ago The Sims 4 Featured a new update introduced the mechanic Neighborhood stories. Thanks to this post, Expanded game options for neighboring SIMs – i.e. characters that the player does not control – allowing them to experience changes in their lives.

They explained at the time: “Neighbourhood stories begin with a game mechanic that splits between life changes in neighboring Sims that Sims can influence by having them weigh them, things that neighboring Sims look at independently, and things that can be included in both categories.” .

Now, they have introduced a new update that will extend the scope of this feature. In the post accompanying the announcement, First they describe the changes that will add in the lives of all neighboring Simswhether or not they are associated with the sims that the player controls:

– They will be able to Adopt Young SimsFrom children to children

– Family Sims will be able to do that Pregnancy with your partneranti-commitment simulation will have less chance of this

– They can adopt dogs or cats (as long as an expansion that adds pets is available)

– They will be able to Start or stop races And their traits will influence those decisions; If they are older, they can make the decision to retire

– They will be able to They die in various accidents And risk factors such as age, traits or your career will influence

“All these life changes allow neighboring Sims to have a fuller and richer life that evolves over time. They grow up in a family, get work, move around, raise children, and eventually die.

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The second big change that comes with the update focuses on a New set of game controls Which will allow users to identify changes that neighboring sim devices may encounter:

Independent configurations: Players can choose to enable or disable each type of life alteration and even reject all options for this feature in the different homes in the neighborhood.

By default: Neighborhood Stories feature It is enabled for other families and disabled for player families. This is intended to avoid unintended changes in private games.

House configurations: Each home can have its own structure, “allowing the Simmers to adapt to life changes so that they have meaning in that family’s story.”

– General settings to enable or disable: You can disable the feature completely in the game.

In addition, expect the launch of The Sims 4 Maximalist Decoration, the next collection to be added to the game And that it will target those who “immediately seek to elevate any room from basic to inspiring, with expressive and eclectic pieces.” will launch March 21 For PC and Mac via Origin, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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