The Simpsons will never die: ‘Even if we cancel Fox, there’s Netflix’

One creator has a secret that has lasted more than 30 years on TV.

Now many series start Low expectations for owning a long distance, with most of them finished or canceled before reaching five seasons. A panorama completely different from that of other successes of the past year, even some of those that have been known to lengthen with the passage of time, as in the case of The Simpsons.

Matt Groening’s series never stops Breaking records as the longest-running series in broadcast. It has aired 34 seasons so far, and was renewed for two more seasons this year via the Fox network, for a total of 750 episodes. All of this made it the longest-running animated series in American television history, the longest-running sitcom, and the longest-running series overall.

You’d think that’s good enough for any creator, but not for those who work on The Simpsons. They want more This is what one of the writers who worked on it the longest, Mike Reese, comments. in his book Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies From Writing a Lifetime for The Simpsons He talks about his plans and secrets for continuing to survive more than three decades later.

The creator of The Simpsons has something to say to those who think the new episodes are worse

“We’ve survived five presidents, two of them from the Bush family. We’ve survived the deaths of two beloved cast members and four great screenwriters.” How can you have a rope for so long and not tire the audience? for producers, There are two basic principles: family and madness. Family is forever, no matter how it’s set up, and that keeps the series going. Then there’s how they reflect the madness of the world around them through comedy: “Humans are always coming up with new ways to be stupid.”

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There is a rope for a while

The day people start treating each other with “love, respect, and intelligence” will be the day the series ends, one of the creators reveals. And at the same time, it remains one of the most watched series on Fox, which never gets tired of renewing it. And if one day you decide all is well, The team has a plan moving forward:

“If that day came, there would be the inevitable Netflix takeover, followed by cancellations on Netflix, short runs on Hulu…and then there would be Simpsons reruns and spinoffs…and some mediocre Broadway musicals.”

Come on, there’s a rope for a while. They may outlive more than a few American presidents, and even President Bush as well. And Many people will still be there Let’s see how you hold up.

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