The series that caused great outrage in the United States that arrived on Netflix and was at the top of the trends

In recent days, Netflix has premiered one of the most watched series in the United States, which many compare to Succession for its plot and style. We're talking about Yellowstone.

series Taylor Sheridan And John Linsonwhich it has Kevin Costner As the protagonist, he closely follows the story of the owner of the largest ranch in Montana. Family conflicts, betrayals, love, revenge, work. The current West that has it all.

It contains five seasons, but the platform has only uploaded the first three. Yellowstone, the star of the Paramount+ series, owes only the second part of its fifth season, which will be released in November of this year. The first season consists of 9 episodes, while the second and third seasons consist of 10 episodes.

on Netflix, The series quickly occupied the top three spots From the directions.

Plus Costner plays John DuttonIt stars Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes, among other actors and actresses.

Kevin Costner is at the helm of the cast.

TV event

Yellowstone didn't just do well on Paramount+ and Netflix. He also starred in a broadcast on CBS.

The first appearance was made for Episode 1 of Season 1 8.8 million viewers on CBS. If repeaters are added, the number exceeds 10 million.

This is partly because the air has a greater range than the platform.

Yellowstone among Netflix trends.

Kevin Costner and Yellowstone, Google Trends

Due to its success on Netflix and Kevin Costner's Birthday, the series has also been a trend on Google Trends.

Chart showing interest in Yellowstone Park rising on Google.

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