The Senate will debate ambassadorial agreements in the United States and Canada – National

The Senate will discuss in its regular session on Thursday the constitutional agreement requests requested by the executive branch to appoint Jose Antonio dos Santos Bedoya as Paraguay’s ambassador to the United States of America and Raúl Antonio Montel Gasto as Paraguay’s ambassador to the government. form Canada.

These requests remained in the room for several weeks and were not dealt with due to a lack of opinion from the Committee on International Relations and Affairs, chaired by Colorado Senator Lilian Samanego.

The legislator denied that the delay was in response to political or personal issues, stressing that they adhere to the usual process of summoning candidates. Tomorrow the committee meets and there will be an opinion.

Dos Santos Bedoya, a candidate for ambassador to the United States, is a career diplomat who previously held senior positions, including that of Paraguay’s consul in New York and later in Los Angeles, as well as the ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the United States. Nations and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, Montel Gasteau, a candidate for ambassador to Canada, who is also a career diplomat, held various positions such as Consul General in Montevideo, First Secretary of our country’s Embassy in London (United Kingdom), Lima (Peru) and Seoul (Korea). He was currently the Director of Protocol for the First Lady’s Office.

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