The secret message in Python that the parachute …

The US space agency NASA revealed On Monday, the first video of the persistent rover’s arrival on MarsThe task that attracted the attention of the whole world.

However, the most attentive looked at the figures on the parachute during the descent. Its arrangement was away from the typical squares or stripes that an umbrella usually has because it hides a message in its abstract drawing.

Internet users in a collaborative effort have tried to encrypt it through platforms such as Twitter x Reddit. One of the first hypotheses that were circulated proved that the hidden message corresponds to the initials of JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory or “Jet Propulsion Laboratory”).

However, Adam Nelson, one of the camera engineers in the Operations Center, revealed this theory in a virtual space on Reddit, open to questions and answers about the mission.

Two hours later, another user ventured in and suggested that the message match three words: Dare Mighty ThingsWithout explaining how he came to this conclusion, he is supposed to be based on the Python programming system. This second theory was shared by many other fans and was supported by a computer science student, who concluded the same thing.

The meaning of the message

“Dare Mighty Things” (“Move Great Things”, in Castilian), the hidden message that supposedly concealed the parachute, is the slogan JPL And it has already been used, for example, with the Curiosity robot. It is a phrase widely used by NASA professionals. In addition to that, it is also a phrase that they recently used on social networks.

Users are still waiting for some confirmation from a NASA member or an authority that can certify the latest discount. So far, Allen Chen, JPL engineer and one of Mission Tenacity heroes, tweeted from his account:Nearly expired (“Cerca”)In the latter theory, everything seems to indicate that Internet users have arrived at the correct answer.

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