The “secret” menu that WhatsApp hides: how is it activated and what are its functions?

Pay attention to the trick that the messaging app hides to make the most of its operating capabilities.

in The WhatsApp It is common to meet Various tricks that allow you to get the most out of the process from the messaging app. Next, we leave you the next trick to discover a very useful and little-known list. Watch out and find out.

The “secret” menu that WhatsApp hides: how is it activated and what are its functions?

WhatsApp has a menu that many users are not familiar with and this is very useful because it offers many options and is very fast moving. next one, We leave you step by step so you know how to get there.

  • go to the icon From WhatsApp on the home screen.
  • fixed it on it for a few seconds.
  • When it vibrates, you’ll see how A new window will open with different functions.
The WhatsApp

By following the steps detailed above, you can access a much simpler WhatsApp menu on both iOS and Android. Once you press and hold the icon, this popup will be displayed with a series of options.

On Android:

  • Delete the app or remove the widget.
  • Edit the home screen.
  • Application information.
  • Direct access to the three most used chats.
  • Enter the camera.

On iPhone:

  • Delete the application.
  • Share the app.
  • Edit the home screen.
  • My QR Code.
  • camera.
  • New chat.
  • Search.

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